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  1. gum

    gum Member

    Just saw an odd bug on my Photon. I turned off 4G, and then connected to wifi for a while, which automatically turned off 3G. After disconnecting from my wifi in the morning, it automatically reconnected to 3G. However, when I hit the 4G toggle widget it just spun for a while and then stayed off. I went directly into settings and tried to turn on 4G and it just turned gray for a while and then stayed off.

    I rebooted, and then it had no problem turning on 4G at all.

    Anyone see anything like this yet?

  2. sprintboy

    sprintboy Member

    I have the same problem, I had great expectations on this phone. So far not great. Video quality on youtube is poor and video chat is worst(tried yahoo messenger), the email software came with does not sync the messeages with server, camera is worst as well.
    I played with Samsung Epic for few days and returned it because of this phone. Ofcourse epic was LED screen, but still photon is pix-elated that is more of concern.
    But it is fast though. Only other advantage I see is GSM world phone.
  3. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    maybe you should return it for something else if its not to your liking. But it could be that you have a lemon. Not every phone comes out perfect and alot of newly release phones go through that on any carrier/manufacturer. Take it in and see if a replacement does the same thing.


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