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  1. spanky00185

    spanky00185 New Member

    ive searched through the threads and cant seem to find a solution. i have a mytouch 3g and even with full bars i will be on a call and it will start to cut in and out. Same type of thing it does when your loosing signal or something. it eventually gets so bad that i cant hear almost anything the person is saying. they dont experience any problems on their end its just on mine. when my phone starts doing this it will also have problems sending out texts. i think it may even been causing me to loose calls completly.
    has anyone else experienced this problem? i went to t-mobile and they replaced my sim card but that didnt fix the problem. i restored to factory still didnt work. i read somewhere that someone started having these problems after a google map update. dont know why this would be the problem but im open to any ideas. google maps isnt a program it will let me uninstall though as it came on the phone. i dont have insurance on the phone because i pay month to month on it not on a plan so i really need to save this thing....any and all help is greatly appreciated.

  2. spanky00185

    spanky00185 New Member

    has no one had a similar problem w/ their phones?? could this be because of that 2.1 upgrade thing ive been reading has screwed up many peoples phones?? any help would be greatly appreciated problem is still ongoing and i dont see it ending w/ out intervention

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