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  1. snivlingwimp

    snivlingwimp Active Member

    My Cricket LG Optimus C is having problems. After it freezes for a few seconds and becomes non responsive it restarts (or reboots, resets) itself randomly as though I have pushed the power button on & off. This is the SECOND optimus C that has had this problem.

    Details below.

    I took the plunge and after passing on the other 2 cricket android phones a few months ago I purchased the Optimus C. Indeed the performance is 'acceptable'. Its not high end but I feel performace was good for the price with the plan I got. HOWEVER. On the first day my kids noted it randomly restarted / rebooted itself. I hadn't witnessed it myself since the kids had their hands on it and I thought ' Oh, they must have somehow accidentally hit the ON/Off button', but after a few days of it doing it about 5 times a day it became a head scratcher. after the first few days the screen went entirely blank and would not turn on (although the buttons at the bottom would light up when turned on by the power button and the speaker would hiss for a split instant). I took it back and they disappeared and came back and it was back up and running with the hopes it had solved the restart problem. They also said it was most possibly the thin plastic film on the touch screen & that they had had reports with problems with said plastic screen protective film and took said plastic film off in hopes it would possibly be the culprit. It didn't help. It continued to randomly restart. I took it back after a week and they gave me a new phone. I took it back and got the new one at 10 AM and we have already while using it witnessed it rebooting / restarting randomly multiple times before the day was through. I have installed NO apps on the new 'virgin' phone and the only thing I did was to configure email/gmail. I cannot find any mention of this problem on the internet and I can't help but wonder if the problem isn't mentioned it is because it is new phone just released or if it is me. The fact that it happens to any family member and not just a singular person and under different kinds of operation/situations points to the phone. We havn't abused it physically, we treat the phone very well. Also that it is happening to 2 phones in a row (assuming it continues with the 2nd phone) might ask the question "IS this a real problem with this Optimus C model." This is assuming that the problem isn't a numnutty me or my family that has used it. But I have actually seen it ' reset ' while not even touching it. I will keep the 2nd phone for a few days more to observe it. I really want this to work.

    Any feedback is welcome.

    P.s. The people at the Cricket store have treated me well and I speak well of them in how they have handled themselves and the situation. I get no sense of frustration on their part.

  2. rockneo

    rockneo Well-Known Member

    Its the sd card, all of the optimuses have the same problem with the stock sd you'll need a class 4 and make sure you format it before putting it in your phone on your computer
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  3. snivlingwimp

    snivlingwimp Active Member

    And now that I think about it.. They transferred the old SD card to the new phone so that I could have any stuff that I stored on there.... So I might indeed have 'transferred' the problem to my new phone....

    Thank you. I will give it a shot as I was eyeballing getting a bigger storage card anyways...
    Does it have to be class 4??? I see a spanking deal on a 16 Gig card from newegg for $27 that is a class 10....
  4. snivlingwimp

    snivlingwimp Active Member

  5. snivlingwimp

    snivlingwimp Active Member

  6. Turbojoe

    Turbojoe Well-Known Member

    I see you've edited your last 2 posts. What was the outcome? I've had a few reboots but they've all been when using downloaded apps. Now that I look those apps are all on the SD card. Now I have an excuse to get off my butt and finally get that new 16gb card ordered up. ;)

  7. snivlingwimp

    snivlingwimp Active Member

    I just consolidate the 3 posts into one post .. I didn't know how to delete the other two.. I ordered a class 6 16 GB from newegg (the class 10 deal was expired) and should arrive soon. I decided on class 6 instead of class 4 due to some other posts on the internet that recommended class 6 over class 4. will post the results...
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  8. Turbojoe

    Turbojoe Well-Known Member

    Will wait to order until after your report. Can you post a link to the one you ordered?

  9. snivlingwimp

    snivlingwimp Active Member

  10. Turbojoe

    Turbojoe Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the link. Please let us know when you get it and if it formats out to full capacity.

  11. larkascending

    larkascending Active Member

    I'm pretty sure it's not the card, because this happens to me a lot. Let me rephrase that, it HAPPENED to me a lot. Ever since I stopped using the stock browser I have had no random reboots, try Opera Mobile and see if it makes a difference for you.
  12. Turbojoe

    Turbojoe Well-Known Member

    I've personally not had a re-boot while using the browser. Only on downloaded apps that were transferred to SD. Only happened a few times. I'm just looking for a good excuse to get that new 16gb card. :D

  13. snivlingwimp

    snivlingwimp Active Member

    Status report.. The problems seem to have diminished to the point of being a non issue.. whether it was the new phone or the new card is hard to say... I do still have soft reboot from time to time but only when in the browser mode so I am leaning towards the explanation of the new card taking care of it as I had reboot issues with the new phone before the new card... as for it sticking in the browser mode we will chalk it up to the explanation of browser volatility?? will try browser Opera .. although the current browser crashes so little it might be hard to say.....
  14. snivlingwimp

    snivlingwimp Active Member

    update.. as of May 1st....reboots every day or two... but is far better.. instead of rebooting 2 or 3 times a day...I don't abuse it (physically) and don't ask it to demanding of tasks so I am still at a loss as to why it happens... as for a review I am happy with it.. is not as powerful as some on the market from what I can tell. but since I am paying half of what I would with other carrier locked in plans I call it a positive value.... My only observation is that if used a LOT you might want to keep a car charger handy (as I do) and plug it in when you travel or you might run out of battery if you use it a lot... am using my computer less because of it... and I am enjoying the mobility...
  15. woodgtrplyr

    woodgtrplyr Member

    I purchased juice defender from the market and it keeps my battery going all day long. Some days after doing web searches phone calls and texts I can make it to 40% after 17 hours off the charger. Good app!!
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  16. mistermsk

    mistermsk Active Member

    Mine does this every once in a while. Annoying yes, but at least it reboots. :)
  17. am3376

    am3376 New Member

    I bought the LG Optimus C from Cricket in an effort to save some money on my bill. I had the same issues with the phone freezing up browsing the web or reading the news in an app like USAToday. The phone would do it like 3 to 4 times a day. It started around 2 days after I got it and I put a 16 gig card in it and still had the issue. Bottom line is this: I should have known better; I used to work for Cricket and every phone they bring to market has software issues. EVERY phone they sell needs a software upgrades after its release. Im sure this phone will have a new version of software available 6 months after its been released. I got so sick and tired of this phone rebooting that I went back to Verizon and activated my Droid X. My droid X doesnt do this and I will gladly pay double if my phone works.
  18. larkascending

    larkascending Active Member

    Why didn't you just flash the Droid X to CricKet? Much cheaper that way...
  19. snivlingwimp

    snivlingwimp Active Member

    Update as of May 29th 2011.... still does it but is 'tolerable'... seems random still.. did it for the first time while in the middle of a conversation on the phone.... no real common thread as to when it does it..
  20. ozmotik

    ozmotik New Member

    I just got one of these phones myself and am having the same issues, i got a new sd card a class 4 4gb although i wasnt able to format it on my pc as i dont have a reader on it. I still crash and/or restart pretty often. just now it did it 3 or 4 times in a row. its pretty often and i barely use it i really dont want to get another android phone either because the options i have in my price range are downgrades in terms of hardware (zio, ascend, flashed droid) so i guess im stuck with it.. hopefully its not a hardware issue
  21. ldjsnp29

    ldjsnp29 New Member

    Hi thank you for starting this post and your updates.

    I'm having the same problem with my Cricket LG Optimus C.
    I just got this phone out of the box yesterday June 8 and activated today over the phone. Two hours pass and it started to reboot. It rebooted five time in less than an hour. I called and a technician said all the phone need was a "Factory Data Reset" and promise it wouldn't happen again. Well after resetting the phone it rebooted in the middle of the email set up.

    I got the LG to upgrade from the Huawei only because i needed a standard headset jack am so disappointed.

    After speaking to MyCricket Web Support I have to visit the store to see if a Manufacturer Warranty Replacement is approved.

    I understand its a good deal for the price but it should be working properly at least the Huawei did.

    Thanks again.
  22. Antone

    Antone Member

    Guessing most of you had the same problem lol

    Bought 2 Ascends for me and my fiance, with the 2.2 already installed (Metro did it for us when we purchased it) Phones never had a problem, went to my vacation house in New Hampshire and lost service, got service and ever since then the phones are going crazy with re-booting, mine not so much, but my Fiance's 5-7 times every HALF hour, sometimes she'll turn it on and it freeze's right away on the main screen...The phones are/were Rooted but I don't think that is/was the problem ?

    We deleted the root on her phone, and even did factory reset and it still does it. Removed her SD card also, since I read some people purchased a new 1, and it still does it...Thinking of bringing the phones back and just going with T-Mobile ?? Never had a problem like this before lol
  23. snivlingwimp

    snivlingwimp Active Member

    Since the Optimus C is basically identical to the a lot of the Optimus's out there for other companies (the Optimus M for Metro for instance) I decided to look at at the other companies user reviews... indeed... I offer as supporting evidence this link to Optimus M user reviews... If you scroll down you find several reports of this freeze & reboot problem. I am coming to the conclusion that it is a good phone if you don't have this freeze & reboot problem. But it appears to be a gamble. Mine still does it on a semi regular basis... not as much as some people though...

    That thread link, scroll down for the stinker reviews that parrot my problem

    LG Optimus M User Reviews - Phone Arena

    will check out the Optimus T (T mobile) and Optimus V (Virgin) and see if they have the same problem
  24. loudersoft

    loudersoft Member

    There are some dramatic differences, though, so tread lightly with comparing information on the two phones. The recommendation to upgrade your MiniSD card is one that seems to work for a lot of people. If you can afford to upgrade the MiniSD to at least a class 4, you should -- it's fixed my issues entirely.
  25. nykkchick

    nykkchick New Member

    my phone is doing the same thing. this is phone number 2 now. but i have an additional issue with mine. The battery will quit charging. I swaped out the first phone with no problem. second time it did the exact same thing, and they gave me a new battery and said they had to wait for the phone to do it again. ( i was already there for 2 hours waiting.) who knows when the phone would do it again and i wasnt gonna stay in there another hour waiting for it to do it. i called the store manager and he said he has never had a customer havin this problem with this phone.and i told him that i really dont have time to keep driving 20 mins one way to keep doing this. so he is going to call me tommorow when he is at the store and try to figure out what this phone is doing. has anyone had the battery problem too?? Original phone was bought on june 15th. i am already on my second phone with the same issues and its july 24th.

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