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  1. vxuser

    vxuser New Member

    I own a SE Arc and i aranged all my aplications in my aplication tabs(not home screen) 5 times now, but every single time i restart my phone (turn off/on) the aplications are not in the same order even thow I selected Arange Apps: Own Order. Any sugestions? Tnx (I`m new to Android maybe I am missing something).

  2. CTBlack

    CTBlack Member

    I had the problem too, now I use ADW Launcher which allows you to create app "drawers" and separate your apps into different catalogs, but ADW launcher only sorts them in alphabetical orders (no custom user arrangement) and also you can save your setting to SD card.
  3. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

    Its a problem unique to the SE launcher (i dont think stock android has the ability to reorder apps at all) and AFAIK there isnt currently a fix, hopefully SE will fix it in a future firmware update.

    Personally i just leave them in alphabetical order, i have some folders created on the desktop with all of the apps i actually use grouped by application type. But it's worth giving ADW a look as CTBlack suggests.

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