Problem with Barnacle & Moto Droid

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  1. andrewkl

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    Aug 18, 2010
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    I had been using Barnacle with my Motorola Droid (upgraded to Froyo), and it connected to my iPad and laptop without any issues.

    Just tried it the other day, and I get a message stating "Baranacle requires 'su' to access the hardware! Please, make sure you have root access".

    The phone is obviously rooted (easy root), since I had been using Barnacle before.

    Any reason why it's not working now? what exactly IS 'su'?

  2. RyanB

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    Though I could be mistaken, I believe "su" stands for Super User (as in access or permission). It's possible it is looking for permission (again) to access the "forbidden" parts of your phone. If this thread doesn't get you any other hits, you may want to try the root section for whatever model you're rockin'.

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