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  1. hotet

    hotet New Member


    I have had this problem for quite a while. Sometimes my phone (Galaxy S i9000, running 2.3.3) quickly drains the battery. I often just simply finds the phone to be completely dead when I experience this.

    When I charge it up again, and check the battery usage I find the application "Gallery" to use up a abnormal amount, thus I find it likely to be the source of the problem, in some way. Naturally I don't use the Gallery-app at all, neither before nor basically ever, which is why this is weird.

    I provide this screen cap of the battery usage. (Note the localization is not English, but should still be comprehensible)

    imgur com / fes01.png

    The first one is "Gallery", 2nd is "Battery Idle mode" (don't know what the actual translation is, but you may figure), the 3rd is "Inactive phone" (or whatever)

    Android version: 2.3.3
    Base band version(?): I9000XXJVO
    Compile version: GINGERBREAD.XWJVH

    Anyone can help identifying the problem? I have searched a lot for this issue, but the efforts were inconclusive.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. jc1843

    jc1843 Active Member

    Look at what apps are running-- Go to-- [setting-apps-running services]. stop each one.
  3. hotet

    hotet New Member

    I have tried this, but unfortunately it is pretty pointless as the issue is seemingly pretty random, and only happens every odd day or so, when you least expect it. Any other ideas?

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