Problem with bluetooth headset(Motorola H350)- Can't transfer audio to the headset (Galaxo

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  1. dptnl

    dptnl New Member

    Hi guys,

    I Just got galaxy a few days ago, that's my first android and I'm really happy with it (especially after flashing to drakaz's rom).

    But, there's one issue though:

    Since I'm using a motorcycle as my main vehicle, I'd like to mount the phone above the gauges and use my H350 For voice navigation when using gps/phone calls/music.

    (GPS navigation is the main reason for doing this)

    I've managed to pair the headset with my phone, under settings
    I see my H350 with the following status: "Connected to phone audio"

    But still, except making phone calls, I can't hear music/any other audio
    with my bluetooth headset, it comes out of the phone's speaker instead.

    Is there any workaround/hidden setting I didn't see?

    I'm using "waze" for gps btw.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. puchaty

    puchaty Member

    dude you want to listen music on H350?:D Crazy.

    I think android 1.6 supports only phone calls with this model of motorola :)
  3. dptnl

    dptnl New Member

    Most of the time I'll use it for gps voice navigation, but I guess it would
    be nice to hear music too :D

    It's not safe to use both ears when you're flying on two wheels :)

    Is there any recommended bluetooth headset you know it should work with audio on 1.6?
  4. RBEmerson

    RBEmerson Well-Known Member

    Look into Sena SMH-10B headsets built for use in a helmet. You can use internally mounted speakers or earbuds. Look at the Sena web site for more info. I use both types with different helmets (Schuberth S1, C2, and Caberg Gara).

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