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Problem with Capacitive menu and back buttonsSupport

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  1. vikram3392

    vikram3392 Member

    Hi, I'm new to this forum.
    I have a Galaxy Y and from like a week the menu and back buttons (Capacitive touch) are acting weird. Sometimes they work fine but most of the time, they dont work at all.. Anyone facing similar problems? Any Suggestions? Help would be appreciated.:)

  2. blackkids5

    blackkids5 Well-Known Member

    press exactly on indicated white markss.... .it ll work lol
  3. vikram3392

    vikram3392 Member

    Yeah right.. very helpful.. #sarcasm. Anyway samsung released an update recently. updated my phone this morning, Should wait and see if the prob is gone
  4. kishore28

    kishore28 Member

    what type of update ur saying..?..is the firmware update...i done it but no use..my phone is still slow..and what ur facing even im facing the same...
  5. vikram3392

    vikram3392 Member

    I updated my firmware to the latest version.. Pointless!! Taking it to the service center today!
  6. Balasai09

    Balasai09 New Member

    I'm having the same problem!! My phone is barely two months old and the buttons don't work most of the time!
  7. vikram3392

    vikram3392 Member

    I gave it to the costumer service center for service. But they are taking forever, Its been more than a week.. samsung service sucks!!
  8. jayem123

    jayem123 Active Member

    you shouldnt have brought it to the samsung center.

    i think the back button problem in SGY is normal and i thinks its a firmware bug, mine was the same especially the first 3 days of my usage, i noticed that i needed to tap the back button twice or thrice for it to work but after updating its firmware, it works like a charm now
  9. laizalicious

    laizalicious New Member

    i'm also suffering the same problem. my galaxy y is almost new, but "back menu" is messing most of the time. what's the easiest way to do?
  10. kowshicahmed

    kowshicahmed Member

    i had a lot of problems with my sgy back button even after updating. so i used an app called buttonremapper. with this app i have changed my home button working as back button cz i need the back button more than the home button. u can find it in galaxyygaming site. hope it helps
  11. maggiefm

    maggiefm New Member

    Same problem for me. I already reformatted it but to no avail and it's just getting worse. help. :|
  12. pochic1996

    pochic1996 Active Member

    Try cleaning the portion of the buttons. Usually dirt lessens their sensitivity. Just try cleaning the part. :)
  13. fredwm

    fredwm New Member

    so what's the best option??
  14. nube1968

    nube1968 Well-Known Member

    same problem. back button not responding. what should we do for those who encounter this issue?
  15. t3chsh1t

    t3chsh1t New Member

    use a new screen guard(screen protector).....100% sure it will fix the problem :)
  16. android sgy

    android sgy Active Member

    your phone will take some time to close some heavy apps that you use...so when you press the back button it may not respond immediately..
  17. Devo1982

    Devo1982 Well-Known Member

    I personally think it's a memory issue. I say this because before I used to suffer with this same issue but since I have 'supercharged' my phone it hasn't happened once. I think changing screen protectors is just conincidence. Supercharge your phone using the script - it will seem like a new phone and I haven't noticed any loss in battery performance.

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