Problem with Car Dock application Calling Button

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  1. PeteDroidX

    PeteDroidX Member

    Interesting thing is that I was playing around with the Car Dock app and decided to add some Favorite Tel Numbers to that screen you see after hitting the Call Button. I added one favorite and it was fine, however I added a second favorite and the screen closed and now when I click on the Calling button in the Car Dock app it does nothing. I am not even sure if this is something I can reinstall as I can't find it in the Market.

    With Android can you delete an app such as this and reinstall it? I am guessing that would be my fix. I definitely don't want to do a factory reset. Can I somehow delete the data file associated with that app to clean things up. Sorry I have experience with OS but I am new to Android. Just picked up the Droidx when it came out and am really loving it up to this point. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


  2. PeteDroidX

    PeteDroidX Member

    Okay I get to answer my own question. Finally found this in another unrelated post, that shows how to clear the data and it fixed the problem:

    Go into to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Menu(hard key)>Filter>All>CarDock>Then 'Clear Data'

    I went back and and noticed that I can reproduce the problem when entering in a second favorite so it is clearly a bug. Are there places to report bugs such as this????
  3. PeteDroidX

    PeteDroidX Member

    I did some more experimenting and the REAL problem was not the second favorite as much as I had an apostrophe in the contact name I was trying to use for the second favorite slot. Once I removed the apostrophe from that contact name the problem went away....

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