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  1. scottws

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    Ever since I got my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I've had an issue using specific ringtones for individual contacts.

    When I still had my HTC Incredible, I had created a shortened version of a MP3 song I had that reminds me of our honeymoon. This ringtone worked fine on that device with the original stock 2.2, CyanogenMod 7, and then stock 2.3.3.

    However, I can't get it to work on my GNex. I see it in my ringtones list, and it does play the preview if I select it from the list. I set it in the People app by tapping her, opening the menu, and then selecting Set Ringtone. However, when my wife calls I hear the default ringtone not my custom one. I've never heard the custom one.

    I thought maybe this was just a bug with 4.0.2 and that 4.0.4 would fix it, but that isn't the case. I'm having the same issue after the 4.0.4 update. I've already tried setting her ringtone to something else and then setting it back to my custom one after the update.

    Can anyone else confirm that they are having the same issue?

  2. scottws

    scottws Member

    Can someone move this up to the parent Samsung Galaxy Nexus forum? Sorry, I somehow missed the "All Things Root" part. I'm 100% stock.
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