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    Since very long time I've been experiencing the problem with Download Manager (Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360, Gingerbread). After 1-2 months of using the DM starts to automatically launch every day and download empty data (empty as no files are actually downloaded). One download session takes about 8MB, but in the past even more than 20 MB of downloaded data happened. So far, the only solution was the factory reset, which caused Phone Book to be restored and applications to get reinstalled. Then, for 1-2 months everything goes OK and suddenly some day the Download Manager gets reborn and the whole situation repeats. So I do the factory reset, etc. I was trying to clear data in Application Manager, both on DM and the Google Play Shop but no expected results came. Please note that in the Google Play Shop settings the automatic update is off.

    I use My Data Manager to monitor internet activity. Here is an example of readings:

    Download Manager 8 MB
    OS Services 477 kB
    Opera Mini 386 kB
    GMail 289 kB
    Google Play Shop 97 kB
    Google Play Services 85 kB
    My Data Manager 27 kB
    System Android 6 kB

    I realize that my Samsung is outdated but is sufficient for me (mail check, news, timetables). Should I need something more advanced I use a tablet, which does not generate artificial data traffic, maybe because of 4.1.2 instead of 2.3.6.

    I would appreciate your help very much,

  2. MeMyselfI125

    MeMyselfI125 New Member

    Hi there!

    Today the Download Manager has swallowed 20MB instead of 8MB so far! Appetite for destruction? :)

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