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Problem with firmware update LePan TC 970Support

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  1. cevtablet

    cevtablet New Member

    I downloaded the files and connected my tablet to the PC. Then discovered that I needed to take out the MicroSD, reload it etc. By that time I had already clicked on Turn on USB Storage. I realized I would have to finish this process later. Could not turn off USB Storage. Turned off tablet and it has not come back on since. I charged it for hours. I have pressed reset several times, nothing happens. I can't remove MicroSD. Can't get LePan on the phone. Can't get them to send password.

  2. Ashpree

    Ashpree New Member

    Firmware update for LePan tc 970 from 4431 to 4626
    Step 1 - connect Le Pan USB cable to your laptop
    Step 2 - Download all three files on your laptop
    Step 3 - Format (Delete everything on LePan SD Card through your laptop windows explorer).
    Step 4 - Copy all downloaded files (2 files and not the instructions pdf) from your laptop to LePan SD Card folder on your laptop. You should see this in the E: drive.
    Step 5 - Unplug the USB cable from LePan.
    Step 6 - Power off the LePan
    Step 7 - Press Vol- and Power buttons together and follow the instructions as in the pdf document.
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  3. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have a link to what changed in this latest update? I don't want to update unless there is a value in doing so.

  4. grahambush

    grahambush New Member

    The 4626 firmware update doesn't work. I was told that by Le Pan. They also told me the new update would be out a couple of weeks ago. For a nice little tablet they sure are trying to push customers away!
  5. MilaC

    MilaC Member

    That is so good to know. I ordered mine, and it is being delivered tomorrow (cant wait!!) I was going to update before i installed anything else.

    Overall, I have found 95% great reviews for the 970. I ordered from HSN and it came with a bunch of free apps valued at over $100 -- and has a 30 day unconditional guarantee, i figure I cant go wrong.

    LOVE this forum! Really made me feel good about my purchase.

    Mila C
    Atlanta, GA
  6. MilaC

    MilaC Member

    Omg.... I love it!!!! Was delivered with 4749 and is amazing. in another thread it was said 4749 wasnt out yet and that I should call le pan. Anyone else order from hsn?
  7. exscentric

    exscentric Well-Known Member

    the "4626" firmware works for many people, have been running it for months without a hitch.

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