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  1. Zocs

    Zocs New Member

    Hey guys! I hawe a big problem with mny HD games.

    I just got Samsung Galaxy S scl (GT-I9003).
    Programm version - 2.2.1

    When i lounch game, for example NFS Shift. all works, but when game starts my screen remains white, all works, i can touch there buttons, but i don't see nothing.
    This problem is on HD games, others games and apps works greath.

    Please help me, i wana play some games. :D

    P.S. Sorry for my bad language, i'm from Latvia.

  2. Zocs

    Zocs New Member

    I'm sorry for doublepost.
    I filmed all. Sorry for bad quality.

    Please, help.
  3. dave8

    dave8 New Member

    I think the only solution is an Android upgrade , then if it will not help you should go to the service
  4. ankitbahri

    ankitbahri Member

    Zocs.. i agree the version has to be updated. By the way when was it that you bought the phone?

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