Problem with GO Launcher EX ver 2.78 on Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 Android 2.2

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  1. gerlev

    gerlev New Member

    Problem with GO Launcher EX on Galaxy S. Many apps do not fully load and when I try to use them I get message "unable to access app try to restart GO Launcher". Restarting does not help at all. Also as a result I cannot download any apps from Market or other source. Also when accessing Applications on phone Settings it gets stuck computing apps size. I tried everything but nothing works, I am stuck. This situation just started last week. Up to now all was OK. I have AVG antivirus on my phone. Any practical suggestions or does anyone know how to directly contact GO Launcher developers. I cannot access my Gmail on the phone since problem started.

  2. dr_smit

    dr_smit New Member

    I am facing the same situation. Any solutions?

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