Problem with Hero icons??

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  1. greenrift

    greenrift Member

    Just wanted to report a potential issue with the Sprint HTC Hero. Me and a few friends have experienced an issue where if you:

    1) install an application
    2) update it or uninstall and reinstall
    3) reboot your phone

    then on many applications, the launcher icon will be messed up as well as the name of the application under the icon. In many of these cases, this renders the application unusable including Google Sky and Pandora. If you then uninstall these applications and reinstall them they will work fine until you reboot your phone again.

    The problem doesn't seem to exist if you install the application the first time. Only does it exist if you update it and reboot or if you uninstall/reinstall and reboot.

    There is a fairly lengthy thread on the Android Developers mailing list regarding this. Google seems to think it is unique to the Hero itself since a stock Android device (ie: G1) doesn't have this problem. Other developers are experiencing the same thing.

    Android Developer thread:
    phone reboot breaks app - Android Developers | Google Groups

    Several of us have contacted HTC and have received no recognition of the problem nor any responses.

    Mostly posting this in order to see if there are any other users out there that are experiencing the same problem. I figure if enough of us are reporting issues, then it might make HTC/Sprint fix the issue.

  2. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    Hmm... just noticed my Google Sky Map app (one of the ones reported in that link) is no longer listed in my "All Programs". But if I go to the Market it's marked Installed. Trying to start it crashes it. Reinstalled it, working fine. Rebooted my phone, the Icon label changed to the EULA and it breaks again.

    If anyone finds confirmation from HTC or Sprint for this issue, please let us know.
  3. andrewcgrimm

    andrewcgrimm Well-Known Member

    I had the same issue,, uninstall the app,, then when you go back to the market and redownload it.. there is an update for this issues
  4. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    That's the thing. It was broken, so I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Was working fine then. Rebooted the phone and it happened again.
  5. andrewcgrimm

    andrewcgrimm Well-Known Member

    hmmm... how are u rebooting the phone? battery pull,, power button? i will try
  6. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    Just holding down the power button and turning it off then back on again.
  7. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    Same with Pandora
  8. andrewcgrimm

    andrewcgrimm Well-Known Member

    yea no issues here with either.. very weird :confused: will do some more further investigating
  9. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    I put a ticket in with HTC. Will see what they say.
  10. greenrift

    greenrift Member

    You say there is an update...where is it?
  11. gdonald

    gdonald New Member

    I'm having the same problem. Lots of apps are broken after a reboot.

    There's been no response to any of my emails to Sprint and HTC. I'm thinking I might return my Hero and turn my iPhone back on.
  12. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    There was an update for the app about a week or so ago. That wasn't to fix this issue as far as I know though.
  13. greenrift

    greenrift Member

    Oh, I see. I thought you were saying there was an update to the Hero for this problem. I'm seeing this problem across several of my applications, so either its shoddy programming on the part of Google application developers as well as 3rd party developers, or there's a bug with how HTC handles showing applications in the launcher menu. I'm betting on the latter, but the question is how to get a response from HTC. The Android engineers have weighed in and seem to allude to it being a HTC problem. I'm only 11 days until my 30 return time limit is up. Love the phone, but don't want to be stuck reinstalling everything if I have to reboot my phone with no idea when or if a fix will come.
  14. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    Best thing for people to do is put a ticket into HTC about it. The more people that are reporting the issue, the more seriously they will take it.

    Phone Support: HTC Mobile Phones - Customer Service - E-mail Support

    Email Support: HTC Mobile Phones - Customer Service - Hotline Support

    I've been using email. Be sure to also include your timezone, a good time to contact you back (if you include your phone number), and your phone's software information (Firmware, Kernel, Build number, Software version). When they respond those are the first things they ask you for.

    Edit: LOL just realized they have their support web titles set wrong. That's not a typo in my pasting, those are the Titles on the pages of the respective support areas.
  15. rockcrawler

    rockcrawler Well-Known Member

    I made a response to another thread HERE before I saw this one. Check it out and tell me what you guys and gals think.
  16. andrewcgrimm

    andrewcgrimm Well-Known Member

    you have to uninstall then reinstall.. when you find sky map in the description it says fixes crash on htc hero
  17. greenrift

    greenrift Member

    When you say you went to Applications and turned off HTC Sense UI...where is that option? I don't see it.
  18. andrewcgrimm

    andrewcgrimm Well-Known Member

    X that,, just did another powercycle now having same issue with google sky,, seems to be an issue with the app
  19. andrewcgrimm

    andrewcgrimm Well-Known Member

    1. Press MENU button.
    2. Press Settings.
    3. Press Applications.
    4. Press Manage Applications.
    5. Press the MENU button
    6. Press FILTER and select ALL
    7. Wait for the OS to compute application usage.
    8. Scroll down the list until you see HTC Sense and select it to go to the Application Info page.
    9. Press the Clear Defaults button.
    10. Press the HOME button. You will be prompted to select which app to compete the action with. Select Home and chose to make
    this the default action.

    Now that you are back at the standard Android Home screen, what are the ramifications? There are now four fewer home panels on which to add widgets and shortcuts. The HTC widgets are no longer available, but the HTC customized apps like People and Messages are still available. The Facebook integration into the contacts is still there, also. The only real change is the home screen and HTC widgets. Interestingly, the original Android wallpapers are now available for use on your new Home! These wallpapers are hidden when selecting a wallpaper for the Sense home.

    What if you want to go back to Sense? Follow the steps outlined above until Step 6 where you will select Home and then clear it
  20. rockcrawler

    rockcrawler Well-Known Member

    Go into Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > HTC Sence > Clear Defaults. You can also clear data after this to free up all the space that your settings for Sense were using. If you are just 'Trying this out and may want to switch back, just leave it and of ou choose to keep the Vanilla Android home, you can always go back and clear it later

    Then hit the "Home" button and when the selection screen comes up, click use as default and select "Home".

    I always do a soft reboot at that point to make sure that Sense s no longer running.

    To switch back, follow the same directions, except this time go into "Home" and clear defaults and then choose "HTC Sense" after hitting the 'Home" button.

    Hope that helps.
  21. rockcrawler

    rockcrawler Well-Known Member

  22. andrewcgrimm

    andrewcgrimm Well-Known Member

  23. puffx0r

    puffx0r Active Member

    I'm having the same icon issue, but it's with an app called Task Manager.

    It's supposed to look like the Android icon (green dude), but after I reboot, it looks like the app's own icon for the CPU (which looks like a beige computer).

    The only way to get the icon back is to uninstall and reinstall the app itself. but if I reboot the phone, it goes right back to the fugly icon again. Mildly annoying, but I love the app itself.
  24. mercado79

    mercado79 Member

    Same issues here! Different apps though. For me it's happening with Dolphin Browser, FBReader, NY Times App, and other news apps. It's happened twice already, even after reinstalling. Or, in the case of the NY Times app, I didn't even reinstall it but the problems came back in the other apps.

    I'll definitely try the suggestions at the thread rockcrawler shared above, but formatting memory and hard resetting the phone seems like an awful way to "fix" this.
  25. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

    There are some skanky apps out there. I too have trouble with the Skymap "EULA" issue, which is a shame since it's such a cool app.

    I would definitely *not* reset my phone or do anything drastic. Just uninstall the offending app, notify the developer and go find something that does something similar.

    It's a jungle out careful!
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