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  1. vexonie

    vexonie New Member

    hello everyone,im new here so sorry if im not in a good thread. this is my problem:
    i got a used htc hero today,it was in a good condition,everything working jut fine,for like 4-5 hours,then i wanted to factory reset my phone. i did everything just turned out fine,but when i wanted to go to market,it said i need gmail first. so i just started typing in my gmail... then suddenly my touch wasnt working. i presed the power buton,then agian and unlocked it,then it was working again. it works for 5-6 letters,then does it again. when im browsing through the phone or net everything is working,but soon as i go to type in something touch just stops working,sometimes the ball thingy(sorry i dont know what its called,used for navigation without touch) stops working,but sometimes work. the phone WAS working before the reset. i await your answer,regrads.

  2. Hey vexonie
    Try restoring your phone from safe mode.
    Shut down you phone and Press volume down + power button. You cellphone will start in safe mode, reboot from there. May be your issue will get resolved.
  3. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    first try .. reboot..

    try changing the Keyboard.
  4. vexonie

    vexonie New Member

    Dear Derren,
    I said in my problem that the factory ret DID the problm. my touch in the keyboard isnt working since i did the factory reset.
    Hello Dan
    as you probably know ht hero is a touch mobile phone,so changing the keyboard would mean that i change the whole touch.
    And Daniel
    I just turned off myphone,started it in safe mode(when it turned on in the bottom left corner it wrote safe mode) i factory reeted it and still the same problem.
    Anyways,thanks for your help guys,but looks like my touch isnt working,but its really a strange problem cuz its only not working in keyboard.
  5. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    it might be the software keyboard issue...
    i am suggesting that you download a new/different software keyboard and see if that helps.

    i use swiftkey. it is awesome.
  6. vexonie

    vexonie New Member

    hello again, just now i wanted to install wiftkey,but it said i cant open it(probably cuz im 1.5 firmware) so i rooted my htc and installed firmware version 2.1 when the installation completed,i rbeooted my phone and i saw that my whole touch isnt working. it later came good, but the touch again doesnt work,so 10 secs works, 10 doesnt. i really dont know what to do,looks like its a touch problem.
  7. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Let me correct one error from earlier in the thread: factory reset does not erase the sd card (I've done it more times than I care to count!). But you probably found that out yourself.

    I am suspecting that you actually have a hardware problem. Factory reset just erases user apps and settings, leaving only the system software. And installing a new ROM has replaced everything that the factory reset didn't! So that doesn't leave much room for a software cause for this.

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