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Problem with Link2SDSupport

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  1. basti55

    basti55 New Member

    Hello, i have a problem with Link2SD on my LG Optimus GT540 (2.1 stock, rooted)
    I have bought a new 8 GB micro sd card (Sandisk), and done everything that needs to be done so i could move apps to my sd with link 2 sd.

    But i seem to have problem: mount script cannot be created, mount: invalid argument (2nd partiton is FAT32)

    What do i need to do so it can work properly?
    Can anybody help me solve this?

  2. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    For link2sd you need 2 partitions on your SD card, one needs to be FAT32 where your data will be stored, the second needs to be in EXT3 which is a filing system linux uses, the Windows disk management does not support creation of EXT3 partitions, you will need a third party tool to do it.

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