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Problem with lost videosSupport

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  1. Jshortie

    Jshortie New Member

    I am having problems with downloading videos to my pc with USB. I was able to establish on the PC an E: Drive letter indicating my Nexus S 4G and I moved (not copied) all of my pics and videos over in one fell swoop to the PC. The result was that all of the video files from the Android (showing the jpeg picture (stills) with the arrow to run the video) was non-existent with the videos copied into a folder on my PC. I panicked and copied them back to the Andriod folder DCIM/CAMERA from which they came, but they did not restore to the video state with the play arrow. How do I recover these videos as they are important to me? If you have a solution to this issue, please give instructions to a new smart phone user (unexperienced). Thx

  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Jshortie, I moved this into the forum relevant to your device. I think the problem is that the cache thumnails for your videos are now missing or unlinked. You can probably still view the videos. Try download ES File Explorer form Google Play Store, navigate to them on your SD card with, and then see if you can call them up directly. The video player might rebuild thumbnails and link them properly.

    Hope that helps!
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  3. Jshortie

    Jshortie New Member

    Cafekampuchia, thank you for the information on the ES File Explorer. I tried to open a couple of the thumbnails, but they only appear as stills. Am I doing it right, or is there a process that I must take? I did not see many options other than to SHARE, DELETE, SET WALPAPER, AND PROPERTIES relative to the picture I had selected. If there is a way to have ES File Explorer seek out an association to link the JPG to the Video properties, please advise. I noticed a root management object, but I know nothing about root.

    When viewing the picture thumbnail, the only thing I can see is that all of the videos that are lost are named as IMG_########_######.jpg (as an example) whereas a recent video I took works and is listed as VID_########_######.MP4

    Can you or anyone else please help me solve this issue? Thank you!

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