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  1. burneelu

    burneelu New Member

    I recently bought the transformer prime.
    I inserted the memory card in it, is a 2gb memory card, its old. not exactly sure what class. Anyhow the tablet isn't reading anything in it or even acknowledging that it is in there.
    I am guessing that when you insert the memory card you take out the dummy card that is already in there? Or is it some kind of tray that I have to use with the card itself?

    thanks for any help in advance.

    p.s. the card works fine on my cell fone

  2. Oblig

    Oblig Well-Known Member

    Yes take the dummy out first - remember that the Prime takes the microSD. the dock takes the SD.

    A warning - I put a 16gb microSD card into my Prime and subsequently lost it, the design means that it can easily be dislodged. :(
  3. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Well-Known Member

    You do indeed take the dummy card first. When you insert the card make sure it clicks into place - long nails help here and watch the taskbar to see if the notification flashes up and disapears or stays onscreen. If the notification stays it has found the card, if not try the below..

    As its an old card I would back everythng up onto a PC, then do a full format on the card. Now insert it into your Prime and see what happens. If all is well stick all your stuff back on it and try again.
  4. golfernut78

    golfernut78 Well-Known Member

    had a 32 gb that i kept in the tablet for over a month. first trip on a plane - gone. i don't keep the card in the tablet at all times now. course, i only use the card to store movies on.
  5. Relsek

    Relsek Member

    Yeah, I got a 32 gig card and before I even had the chance to put anything on it it was gone. I think Asus did a terrible job with the slot. The card sticks out way too far. Should have made it flush or given it a protective cover or something.
  6. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Well-Known Member

    I totally agree, the person that designed both SD slots and the USB port should be fired. They are all design floored, it is like they designed the SD ports for the dummy cards.. Which says a lot about the designers. I even have issues with the USB slot that will not take all memory sticks because they cannot go in far enough for a stable connection.
  7. omnix1300

    omnix1300 New Member

    I agree also, if there are this many people having issues this early, then I'm going to recommend people avoid Asus tablets. It's sad, because it has the potential to be an awesome tablet...
  8. bigmikemn

    bigmikemn New Member

    Has there been any formal complaints filed with ASUS? I just returned from vacationing, and my memory card is gone.
  9. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Well-Known Member

    I have and they offered me an extension of 18 months on my warranty.
  10. CowboyASUS

    CowboyASUS New Member

    If You insert MicroSD Card make sure it go's in to slot correctly ? I pushed a card in and it went underneath the card holder had to get a neadle and pick it out Not an easy job So Question Which way should the card face to inseart it With Pad open on dock should the lettering face you or the metal stripps face you.
  11. redheadedguy

    redheadedguy Well-Known Member

    looking at the tab face, it goes label up
  12. CowboyASUS

    CowboyASUS New Member

    Thanks RHG Did that yesterday now MicroSD Card is stuck and not showing have contacted ASUS Tech and they say it is a fault and Tablet should be returned for repair.

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