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  1. lhenriquezc

    lhenriquezc Member

    hi all, i have a problem with my motorola milestone A853, the middle of my a853 touch screen is not working from top to bottom that's just the middle the other area in working fine. It had work sometime but stop working again. In case is a hardware problem. What would be the problem the digitizer touch screen or the LCD display screen, if any of you can help thanx a lot...

  2. Poonia

    Poonia New Member

    Moto 853 I have the same problem i e middle of screen not responding .Perheps it is after rain drops fell on the headphone socket.
    when humidity is over 90% during mansoon or rainy season it started opening contacts ,dialing ,sending mail sms by itself.Some times completely stops responding.
    It may be contacts of dizitiser are oxidised !
  3. Anwar ul Haq

    Anwar ul Haq New Member

    @ Poonia!!

    I experience similar problem....... sometimes the touch pad starts working and than it does not and some times it starts doing everything/anything by itself... were you able to fin any solution to this issue????

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