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  1. mtritchie

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    Two days ago apps that I uninstall from my phone started not being removed from "Downloads" in the market app. I wiped my phone via settings > storage but when I go back to the market after signing into the phone everything still shows up in "Downloads".

    Also, now when I go to Alarm Clock it says that it's set to an unknown ringtone and when I click the ringtone selector, it shows and empty drop down. I know the ringtones are on the phone, what could be the problem here?



  2. jfritzs2

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    I know that its a pain having apps you don't care for anymore in your download section, I would say the best thing you can do is another Factory Reset, be sure to pull the battery, just for good measure, and boot up and start again. Its difficult to get rid of those downloads because they are in a way linked to your Google account, like your paid apps are, and sometimes even after the reset at times your old free apps show up in the download section. If you didn't have any paid apps and just didn't care you could make a new google account and sign in with that account instead of the one you are using. But that would be if you really had a big problem I'd say after multiple factory resets don't work. Its a pain, but do a complete factory reset again and see how that works.
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  3. mtritchie

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    Thanks jfritzs2. At least now I know my phone isn't broken :)

    Thanks again!


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