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  1. pikilin

    pikilin New Member


    i just got my new xperia play today and i am very happy with the phone,but (and there is always but) when i activate the rare camera,it is out of focus, i just can't see clear no mather what settings i use and also the front camera is not very clear too:(
    anyone know this issue?

  2. Digital Jester

    Digital Jester Well-Known Member

    Have you actually tried taking a photo? I find with my Play that the picture always looks a tad blury on screen but then the Auto-Focus kicks in after I've pressed the picture button. The front camera's only 1.3MP anyway so your not ever going to get a brilliant picture from it.
  3. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    This may sound like a silly question but you would surprised how often this is the cause - do you still have the small plastic covering the cameras that comes in the packaging attached?

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