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  1. dbonilla

    dbonilla New Member

    My Samsung Captivate doesn't keep the volume setting for notifications that I enter. I want full volume and it keeps going back, all on its own, to a very low setting. Any one know how to fix this? Thanks.

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hi, dbonilla.

    Welcome to the forum.

    After setting it ... restart the device. If problem persist. Only clearing storage could fix that.

    Note: Keep in mind that clearing storage does erase all data off the device.

    Best of luck.
  3. SamsungCaptivated

    SamsungCaptivated Well-Known Member

    Are you, by chance, running any app killer program? If so, you need to raise the "security" level high enough to prevent the app from killing system level programs. When that system level program starts back up it will default the phone back to factory settings. I discovered this when running Advanced App Killer set to the "LOW" security setting. I would set a live wallpaper then after I'm done with the phone, I would put it on standby by quick press of the power button. The App Killer was set to shut down most background running program on "screen blank" mode and it was shutting off the system program that controlled the live wallpaper. When I pressed the power button to wake the phone back up, the live wallpaper was gone and replaced with the static plain wallpaper from before. When I raised the Advanced App Killer security level to "MEDIUM" and made sure it wasn't killing system files, then the live wallpaper worked correctly without resetting every time I would put the phone to sleep. Also, any app you have that relies or controls the NOTIFICATION sound, check it's OPTIONS setting to make sure that it's not the app that's lowering the volume after using that app.
  4. Girevik

    Girevik Well-Known Member

    I came out here today because of the same problem. A while back I lowered my notification volume and decided it was too low. I've bumped it up several times and it keeps going back down. I'll try shutting it down now that I've reset it again and see if it sticks.
  5. NorCal Einstein

    NorCal Einstein Well-Known Member

    Download an app called "Quick Settings". I really like that app for volume control purposes, since it gives you more control over volume settings, AND they stay where you set them. Quick Settings will let you define Ringer, Notification, Media, Alarm, Voice Call, and System Volume.
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  6. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    Another nice thing about Quick Settings is that it lets you choose/customize what settings appear when you go into it. So you can add the ones you care about, and remove the ones you don't.

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