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Support problem with OTA, not rooted

  1. mischiefse7en

    mischiefse7en Well-Known Member

    So i bought a used Verizon S4 yesterday and it works fine. Last night it said it had an update, so i accepted before i went to sleep and this morning it said "software update unsuccessful"
    Today i tried again to update, i downloaded the update, it verified the download, update available, tap to install, install now, it booted, said installing system update and then "error" about 5 seconds later and thats as far as it gets before it restarts the phone and says "software update unsuccessful"

    The phone is not rooted (i used root checker) and is currently on I545VRUAMDK

    Any ideas or suggestions to remedy this issue?

  2. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    You could try downloading the correct ROM from samfirmware.com and then use Odin to flash it.
  3. mischiefse7en

    mischiefse7en Well-Known Member

    i ended up plugging it in and doing it through the upgrade assistant and that worked

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