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  1. Yardenh247

    Yardenh247 New Member

    It all started that i connected the phone my friend's laptop and then started the problem
    Every time I connect the the phone to the computer and try to access to folders that does not let gives me a shortcut that does this and gives me an error every time I try to enter ..
    I tried to update the phone and restore and nothing works ..

    http://w w
    (delete the spaces)

    the Media go is not working because the WMFDist11-WindowsXP-X86-ENU is missing and i tried to download it and still not working ..

    What to do in this situation? how to fix it?

    *sorry my english is not perfect yet*

    Thank you!

  2. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Please check that when you are connecting the handset that you are in Mass Storage mode not Media Transfer mode.

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