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Problem with personalized ringtones for contactsSupport

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  1. JenRar

    JenRar New Member

    Hi all.

    I have a new (to me...it's refurbished from Ting.com) LG Marquee. I am trying to add personalized ringtones to my contacts. I know where to go, and I select the ringtone I want for a contact and then hit OK, but instead of saving it, it goes back to Default. No matter if I try a ringtone I've put on the phone or a default one from the phone itself...and no matter if I use the normal way to do it on the phone or use an app (Rings Extended), it never sticks.

    Help, please? TIA!

  2. PolloJack

    PolloJack Active Member

    In the same boat, refurb LG Marquee from Ting.

    I used RingDroid, a free app. It worked for me perfectly.

    I am running CTMod if it doesn't work for you.

    Have the I'm not a robin song as my ringtone for my gf.

    Good luck.
  3. cxcphone

    cxcphone New Member

    Same problem with a Ting refurbished Boost LG Marquee. Has anyone found a way to resolve the "stuck on default" contact ringtones without resorting to an app or rooting?

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