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  1. ygate

    ygate Member


    Me and my friend bought a note, his however shuts down randomly, he has to hold the power button and power it up again, its not sleep it boots all over again and its often
    Mine did that once, I woke up and found it of
    is this a common problem ?

  2. t sport 1978

    t sport 1978 Well-Known Member

    This has not happened to mine...fingers crossed!
  3. daxmedflax

    daxmedflax New Member

    Uh oh..... This very same thing has actually happened to me twice now. However, one of those times I actually had to remove the battery and re-insert it before the device would let me reboot it.
  4. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    Happened once when loading Shadowgun with <10% battery remaining, otherwise never happened. Not an issue for me.
  5. mightymoose02

    mightymoose02 Well-Known Member

    Is this some kind of battery issue or an app/software issue?

    anyone else having this problem? because that seems kinda annoying to have your phone shut down randomly.
  6. seepage

    seepage Well-Known Member

    Mine did it once the first day I got it but never since.
  7. DantesAID

    DantesAID Member

    Yep.... It happens to my for some reason. No idea why :(
  8. tubercolo

    tubercolo New Member

    I live in Italy : it happens to me, also 30/40 times a day.Sometime i need to remove and re-insert the battery before rebooting.I gave back the device for assistance about 20 days ago , bat they shipped back me the Note with the same problem ( i think they made a simply hard reset to factory...).Now i wrote a mail to Galaxy Italia and i'm waiting for some good news... ;.((
  9. DantesAID

    DantesAID Member

    Let us know if you hear anything about it. It would be good to know where the problem is. I suspect its the software with in the phone :((((

    Oh how i miss my iphone4. Never had android before in my life and this is the first time :( lots of problems....
  10. tubercolo

    tubercolo New Member

    Incoming a NEW Note, i'm happy! ( But i spent 35 euro for shipping it at my charge :-(( )
    Greetings from Bologna!
  11. ayongkot

    ayongkot Well-Known Member

  12. PDConner

    PDConner Well-Known Member

    Mine did it today for the first time.. I have had the phone now for 2 weeks and it did it once today so far.. I dont know what is going on with this.. I also have the issue I Posted earlier about the screen (on the live background of the windmills turn up the brightness all the way and you will see trails on the screen) also it slows down (the phone itself) slows down alot and I have reimaged it back to factory specs 2x already.. Any thoughts Guys and Gals..
  13. byronscotty

    byronscotty New Member

    Yup me too at least 3 times...
  14. jojan265

    jojan265 New Member

    In the first week I've had this twice. The last two weeks no problem any more. I did nothing on my Note, so I hope it's not an issue anymore.......
  15. MacRulez4Ever

    MacRulez4Ever Member

    Seems like i Will keep My ip 4s, i only read bad things in samsung galaxy note section. The jb for ip4s is out any day to. Then its free to play ;)
  16. Queen6

    Queen6 Well-Known Member

    :rolleyes: enough said
  17. sunilacs

    sunilacs New Member

    download android booster from market and run it. your problem will get solved...even i had the same problem but after using android buster the problem went no auto shutting down/sleeping mode..enjoy your note:)
  18. Pojken

    Pojken Well-Known Member

    Mine has random reboots at least four times a day. I'm reading up and it seems like it might be memory leaks from applications, but I can't figure out how to diagnose it (I'm technical enough, but not well versed with Android beyond setting it up the way I want).

    Any clues on a way to find out the bad apps other than uninstalling them one by one?


    GORAEMON1 New Member

    Hey yo!! I also had same problem (random reboot) and make me headache now.
    My ex Galaxy Tab had no problem at all but Note. What I do is&#8230;.
    1, Bought it on 25/Jan at Jay Mart in Chiangmai Thailand. One the way to back home, its already happened . I thought using too much RAM and try to clean up often but seem not well.
    2, on 27/Jan, I bring it to Samsung service shop and they heard resets my device. Service was quick and smooth.
    3, Keep it as they resets device (no apps and no SD install), but still reboot so, I send an e-mail to Samsung Service for help on 28/Feb.
    4, Samsung reply that, Samsung Malaysia will take care,,,,,,,,,. but no solutions were mentioned and update info up to now.
    5, Today, I bring it to Samsung Service again, Seems they try heard but finally, they said its may cause by Device not OS or application. They issue some kind of letter witch mention its &#8216;&#8217;can not repaired&#8217;&#8217;
    6, Bring the letter to Jay Mart to replace new one, but they had out of stock. Wait until 4/Feb.
    So, What I hear in Thailand, Samsung service thinks its Hardware problem.
    Would be happy if anyone have more info or way to solb it.
  20. AZIZI161082

    AZIZI161082 New Member

    Hi,i am also having problem with my Samsung Galaxy Note.when i press the power button to unlock the screen,the screen will not appear meaning to say the phone already shutdown.i had faced the problem many times.Already format to factory setting but still happened.
    any suggestions?
  21. MilesChap

    MilesChap Member

    Purchased my Note 2 weeks ago in Thailand and a similar but different problem. It does not necessitate rebooting, but restarting the screen by pushing the on button. Regardless of settings and before software was installed the screen randomly shuts down; perhaps 5 seconds, perhaps one minute. Most annoying to say the least so I hope someone finds a fix!
  22. drunkenmax

    drunkenmax Well-Known Member

    I have the same issue. I removed BatteryXL and it seems to be okay now
  23. sharadsharma

    sharadsharma Active Member

    I have had two instances where my Note would not just wake up on pressing the Home or Power button. I am not sure if it is just the screen that goes dead or the phone itself powers off.

    Both the times , my phone was in pocket and my theory is that probably the power button got pressed for 10 seconds or so and this caused the phone to power off.

    Your thoughts?
  24. MilesChap

    MilesChap Member

    If it powered off then when rebooted by pushing the on button you would see it powering up with the Samsung Galaxy Note logo and the pic while powering up. If it was merely activating the screen you would not see that, it would show the home screen (or perhaps it can be set for another screen).
  25. feelinfroggy9

    feelinfroggy9 Member

    Mine just did it recently when i turned on wifi. Its only done it once in the week I've had the phone. So hopefully it doesn't do it anymore!!!!

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