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  1. HotelMorrison

    HotelMorrison New Member

    I bought a samsung galaxy s3 6 months back and had the same problem 4 months ago but it stopped on its own. The problem is while using my phone driving mode enables automatically spamming my S voice this happens at great speed repeatedly and stops on it own and starts all over again randomly. Cant use any application because of this and it gets really annoying. I scanned my phone for virus via avast and no problems surfaced. I removed my battery and sim card and inserted them again. Please help! It is starting to get on my nerves. Thank you.

  2. hughts

    hughts New Member

    hi there today my phone just started doind the exacte same thing, did u found what was causing it? it is really driving me crazy thanks
  3. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    "Driving" lol :p
  4. EisSplejs

    EisSplejs New Member

    Did you by any chance find a way to fix it? My phone is also doing this and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY. I can't use my phone because s voice pops up all the time.
    I have tried shutting it down in the programlist, i have turned off everything in the s voice settings..
    And it just keeps on driving me crazy. My phone is almost useless.

    please help
  5. minimaguire228

    minimaguire228 New Member

    ATTENTION: Have found a fix, I only ask that if someone could start a thread that is titled 'Fix for spamming of s voice' as I don't know how to start a thread, I only created an account to help people with this issue as I know how frustrating it is.

    The issue is that your driving mode is being enabled, thus spamming s voice onto the page repeatedly, though am not sure why this is.
    To fix, go into settings, go to applications manager, flick across to all and find s voice. Its as simple as pressing disable, im surprised no one else has done it before.
    Am not sure if phone needs to be rooted, however it would be worth rooting it if the case to rid yourself of possibly the most irritating phone trait I have ever encountered.
    Please spread the word if this helps others, think of how infuriated you are about it and how others must feel. Thanks
  6. lordmage

    lordmage Well-Known Member

    that does indeed fix it via a workaround but what if a user wants to keep s voice and fix the issue.
  7. Mufkatar

    Mufkatar New Member

    To lordmage and anyone else who's encountered this issue:

    It's a hardware problem, not software. The microUSB connector in the phone has collected enough dirt that it is short-circuiting and triggering the driving mode all the time. Power phone off, remove the battery, and carefully clean the port - this should solve your issue. It did for me. :)

    Compressed air, cleaning alcohol/contact cleaner or a combination of the two should do the trick.
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