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  1. vladoS4

    vladoS4 Member

    Hello everyone,

    I'm having really devastating problem with my Samsung Galaxy s4, so I decided to write here as it seems as official Android forum.
    This device that is supposed to be the phone that got it all, simply disappointed me. I expected the most and what I got is... eh...
    I have TERRIBLE lags on my phone. When i say terrible I mean it. It is not the lag i saw on videos on youtube, my device literally stop working for certain time. For example I press on the button to open applications and widgets my phone stop working for around 20-30 seconds, I can't do anything but I can lock the phone, rise and lower volume...
    When I'm going through my applications in the menu it lags when switching pages, it lags when I want to open notification bar, when I want to close something I have to wait 20 seconds or so, to load simple applications I have to wait 10-20 seconds and so on...
    Sometime phone is not listening to me properly, when I'm trying to swipe screen to the right it swipe to left and conversely...
    Sometimes it even lags when I'm writing message, if I press some letter I have to wait 5 seconds or so for it to be displayed and if I press some letter while device was frozen it displays all together with the letter I wrote at the first place.
    And so on...

    This is really annoying. And disappointing. I mean, I installed maybe 6-7 basic applications on the phone, I have around 50 pictures and I'm using around 1GB of ram. How comes that device that is running 1.9GHz quad core processor followed by 2GB of ram can lag that much using just basic things? I mean, It's impossible to have 2 applications opened without terrible lag and I'm having currently the best phone on the world? Isn't that confusing? With those performance I'm supposed to be able to do ANYTHING without lag,I mean this phone have better performance than lot of PC out there. On it gives me result of 237 points wjile other devices have 500+.

    I have already done advices how to make device less laggy, but it doesn't help in my case. I've done this: How to fix lag problems on the Samsung Galaxy S 4 | Ausdroid
    Except the last step because I don't understand what he means. And I have to disable basic features to make it less laggy, and I paid it bunch of money. Really...

    What to do, what to do? Does anyone have the similar problem? Is there ANY solution? This is killing me. I'm really ashamed tho show my device to other people, and I don't know what to say when they ask me why is it so slow...

    I bought device 6 days ago, and I started to notice this tomorrow after I bought it and with each day it is getting worse. This is i9505 version.

    Just to notice, I'm new Android user, it's my first Android phone.

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. Droidunited

    Droidunited Well-Known Member

    To begin if your phone is lagging when playing youtube it most likely has to do with your 3G/4G data signal as a poor signal can make the phone load at a slower pace. The first step to improve your signal would be to just do a quick reboot by holding down the power button, turning it off/and back on. If you don't see an improvement in your signal right away you may want to connect with your carrier to see if there is any provisioning that can be done on their in (or to see if a tower is being worked on). Another way to improve your internet/youtube speed would be to just connect to a wifi signal. Most people prefer to connect to wifi when streaming movies, and if you don't have unlimited data it saves you on using up your data.

    Regarding your phone just overall not navigating well, you may have too many applications running in the background, so you may want to hold down your home button and close out some of the running apps. This can also be done by going to Menu>Settings>Manage apps>running> and force close

    You should see improvement after these steps. If the issue continues you will want to backup your information and go ahead and do a factory reset. It's the ultimate troubleshooting step, but if there's something glitching in the software it needs to be done. Hope this helps!
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  3. vladoS4

    vladoS4 Member

    Hey Droidunited, thank you for reply!
    I'm doing that all the time (closing running apps), and it isn't helping me. Can I close all of them? It seems that there are some of the system, not sure about closing them, but even after I restart the phone same thing happens.

    Meh... :/
  4. thahim

    thahim Well-Known Member

    It some times happens to me when iam using
    vpn app and it crashes my phone hangs for few seconds
    than I get error message.
    check if some app on your phone is not working properly
    and also turn off power saving mode.
  5. Poweranimals

    Poweranimals Well-Known Member

    I don't have these problems. What are you guys doing to your phones?
  6. Droidunited

    Droidunited Well-Known Member

    Yeah no need to close the system applications just the ones that offer features that you're currently not using such as map apps, social media apps like facebook,ect any video streaming apps, and games. If you continue to have issues after force stopping applications, I would go ahead and clear out the any cache on those apps as well to see if it increases the memory and overall use of the applications. But yeah at this point if forcestopping/clearing cache on apps, and rebooting your phone isn't doing the trick you'll want to consider doing a reset to set it back to factory defaults.

    Also, make sure that since purchasing the phone you have not downloaded any applications that may be causing compatibility issues with your phone, if you remember the issues happening after downloading a specific app I would go ahead and uninstall it.
  7. sincarafan

    sincarafan Well-Known Member

    I say if you can take the phone back and get a new one. I never have lag issues like that with my phone and Im always running things at one time and have a ton of apps on my phone.
  8. prymal

    prymal New Member

    Hi VladoS4,

    That last step should perhaps have a </sarcasm> on it.
    Having played with multiple GS4's so far and just acquired one of my own today it's probably going to end up being a case of deciding if you want the samsung enhancements.

    I've seen a few people who claim that by changing their launcher they've eliminated these issues, try nova launcher (it's free) or if you're feeling brave and generous with your money definitely try Action Launcher Pro - that's my launcher of choice personally.

    Phil - Ausdroid Writer

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