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  1. firefox73

    firefox73 Well-Known Member


    I recently downloaded Kies in order to transfer some files across from PC to SGS.

    When I connect the SGS to the USB the SGS nothing happens until I unlock the SGS, whereupon the screen goes mental, scrolling through all the UI screens. The Vista PC doesn't recognise it either. Thinking it could be a software clash, I tried the download on my Vista laptop and exactly the smae thing happens.

    Any suggestions?

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  2. vineet_d

    vineet_d Member

    I have Installed kies on XP and having same problems. Can someone please help us out.
  3. firefox73

    firefox73 Well-Known Member

    After many hours of surfing for the answer and unistalling and installing I have got a bit further forward.

    Kies still does not work as it should but then many people don't rate it anyway. Contacts apparently can be moved using Google mail and the phone to pick them up.

    The bit that I desperately needed to fix was a way to transfer files from PC to the SGS. Eventually managed to get the SGS to stop flashing the MTP application page madly at me when connecting the USB by going in to Applications > Settings > SD card & phone storage > then under 'Internal SD Card' - Unmount SD card > Format SD Card > Mount SD card.

    Note it is probablyy worth backing up any data you have from the Internal SD card. I knowingly didn't as I've hardly saved anything on there and was prepared to loose the free downloaded apps. However they all appear to have remained.

    Now when I connect the USB the phone remains stable and I can use the PC to select what files I wish to drop into the SGS memory.:)

    If you have any luck with Kies, do drop me a line on here.
  4. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    I've not used much of Kies, partly because everything I try with it doesnt seem to work properly or is very limited.

    Connection via USB does seem unstable when not using kies though, tends to cut out requiring me re-connect the cable which is starting to get annoying.
  5. firefox73

    firefox73 Well-Known Member

    At last......

    Finally after 4 days with phone calls morning, luncthine and evening (despite being told it would be a maximum of 2 hour calback), I've finally received my callback from Technical Support.

    However, what a complete waste of time.

    Foreign call centre after reading out the Kies version I had told me mine was an old version of Kies and that I needed to update. I asked what the correct version number was as I'd only downloaded it a couple of days ago. When they read out the code, I said that their version was older than mine. Told that it wasn't and to go to Samsungs website to download it. Again said that mine was newer,, to which they placed me on hold and then finally came back and then told me the reason it was not working was because I needed another version. I asked which one it was and they they read back the same version I'd just told them I had!

    Next they told me it was my computer, to which I said I had tried on other people's computers. She told me that it was a Vista issue, I replied I'd tried with XP, to which I was told it was a Vista and now an XP issue. I was told that I should try it on a Windows 7, although I don't have W7. I complained that why do Samsung say it is compatible with XP and Vista if it isn't? She said she did not know but that everyone who had run it on Windows 7 OS had got Kies to recognise the phone. Her recommendation was to the retailer or another store selling Samsungs and get them to check the phone is working correctly. If that is the case then it must be the 4 computers that I have tried it on.

    I also complained about the battery saying I had tried everything to increase the battery life. She then read out a list of mainly obvious things such as turn the screen brightness down a bit etc. However one thing she did say which I picked her up on was "Don't leave the phone charging overnight". I queried this and she said that when you get the battery full message you must turn the charger off. I queried this but she did not have any real expertise on the subject. In fact, really they should have as other phone companies do a dedicated team running the Smsung Galaxy S queries, so that they are experts on that particular model.

    On the plus side, she confirmed that Froyo 2.2, a firmware update and an update of Kies correcting the issues would be out soon. She did not know any dates, nor even the month but assured me it would be soon.

    All in all, a very substandard experience from a customer perspective. I am sure that phone is brilliant, however the Kies software and Samsungs customer support are flawed.

    Has anyone else had any news on getting Kies working?
  6. Works fine for me using Windows 7 32bit but it is rubbish to be honest, I just use my phone in Mass Storage mode and transfer files that way.
  7. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Perhaps, but the main reason to use KIES is to update the firmware.
  8. tmzbeme

    tmzbeme Well-Known Member

    you'll probably be better off just flashing with an updated rom ....their online updates never work
  9. MadBob

    MadBob Active Member

    mine will neither uninstall or install on XP, had it installed but it didn't work tried to uninstall but it didn't complete, now installing fails as it is installed already, and uninstalling fails as it is already uninstalled ****ingsamsungpieceofshitsoftware.
  10. Zoobz

    Zoobz New Member

    i have windows 7 unlimate 32bit i have the same problem. i worked once but i never tried when i connect with kies my phone has a "fit". is it phone the phone thats faulty or kies?

    also dont you need kies for the drive for the phone? if i change my usb settings to "mass storage" nothing happens...even though the first time i used kies it said installing driver for SGS...WTF?
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  11. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Turn wifi and bluetooth off. That fixed it for me.
  12. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

  13. desmonica

    desmonica New Member

    @MadBob I have the same problem with the uninstalling/installing. I just get "connecting" and it never did now it does not recognize the phone at all. Any ideas, already tried soft reset of galaxy would love some help
  14. tiggerplease

    tiggerplease New Member

    After 2 tries I got this answer

    "Thank you for contacting Samsung Electronics regarding the GT-i9000. I am sorry to hear that you have issues using the handset with a PC and KIES.

    KIES is not fully compatible with the handset, as the handset's Operating System is written by Google (as opposed to Bada, Samsung,Symbian and Windows OS which are). I regret that the message from KIESmay have misled you on this point.

    As you have mentioned using Mass Storage mode, this is the means of data transfer for media files. Synching the handset for contacts and calendar, etc is done via your Google account.

    The only real purpose for KIES is for Home Update when it becomes fully available."
  15. TCC

    TCC Member

    That is a pretty significant amount of total crap to be saying to customers. Blaming Google? Their own software is not compatible with the handsets they sell? Really?

    I have been so close to buying one of these handsets even with the gps and wifi issues, but if this their idea of customer support forget it.
  16. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

    mine never did "connect" on my laptop running 32 bit XP, but when i hit "tether" and punched in the appropriate info for my carrier (US Tmobile) and hit "tether" it connected -

    and oddly, noticed it was browsing faster than when i tether using PDAnet or Easy Tether apps. using, it showed 1.31 Mbps down on kies, i disconnected, restarted PDAnet and tested, it showed 1.11, then shut PDAnet and restarted Kies and it tested at 1.34

    but it felt like it running faster than the .2 Mbps mathematical difference - the new pages would "snap" into view or load faster - can't really explain that part

    only reason i went thru the hassle of installing was to be able to get OTA updates

    be interested if anyone else notices an increase in browsing speed
  17. LateNiteMike

    LateNiteMike Well-Known Member

    I am very concerned about this Kies problem AND the lack of good, knowledgeable customer support from Samsung. At this point in time the SGS is my choice, but after reading these posts I'm beginning to have second thoughts about the upcoming purchase of one.
    I thought the whole purpose of this Kies software was for owners to be able to sync and do file transfers with their PC. If it can't do that then why are they providing it and touting it as such?
    Are there any other programs out there that will do what needs to be done without all the BS and grief caused by trying to use Kies?
    I sure as hell hope so.
  18. blessonje

    blessonje New Member

    Initially i had the same issue. Try the below steps and see if it helps:
    1.change USB setting to Kies
    2.In kies Menu go to Driver Recovery which will install required drivers.
    3.start kies before connecting ur phone. Now hopefully it will connect.

    Just give it a try and let me know if it worked for u
  19. Bluegray

    Bluegray New Member

    I've had my second SGS for about a week and a half. The first one became a brick after I tried to upgrade its firmware with Kies. Had to return it to the store aThe onend they exchanged it. With the new one, I have ecperienced the Kies USB problem best described as mad flashing of the home and MTP application screens. Formatting the internal SD fixed the problem but it came back today. Formatted again. Fixed again.

    All this convinced me that Kies and the SGS dont go well together. PLUS, when it does work, Kies is attrociously slow! Samsung needs to get its act together before many of us decide to run back to the nearest Apple store.
  20. Andyman10

    Andyman10 Member

    Well, having written operating systems, comms programs and a host of other stuff .. and managed embedded and PC software development for more than 20 years .. I can't believe just how bad Kies is. It is, as you say, atrociously slow and it's very unreliable. Frankly there doesn't really seem to be anything that it does satisfactorily. I'm running it on an almost stock XP Pro install on a laptop device that has very few additional drivers loaded ..mainly because it simply won't connect to my SGS on my normal XP desktop, though all my other Nokia, HTC, 3rd party backup et al software work just fine.

    I've just been through 4 iterations of it telling me there's an update and then proceeding to bomb out of the download, leave the splash screen process still running and start up again.. and tell me again that there's an update available. It really is appalling and frankly I'd be embarrassed to release junk like this.

    I wonder too why the might of Samsung couldn't manage to put a complete device image backup into this software? Surely most users would like to have a complete backup image saved in the event of a dead device or corrupted flash memory..and a simple way to recover that to the same (and preferrably a replacement) device. Windows desktop and mobile users have had that for years! Moving software licences is always a bit of a pain if a device has to be replaced but it's a lot easier than rebuilding the whole thing.

    Between Kies and the incredilbly unreliable GPS I'm beginning to wonder about my Galaxy S purchase. The basic device is fantastic(that screen!) but it begins to feel like they aren't really that bothered about quality in any other area. Begins to make me wonder about the Samsung LED TV I've been looking at as well...maybe Sony would be a better bet!
  21. traxdata

    traxdata New Member

    I started to use Kies this morning for the first time. Installed from the poxy little CD they provided with the phone.

    Anyway, it seemed to work fine. So I Started to play around a little and explored this piece of shit software. I came across an update option in the settings menu and decided to click on it. After about 2 hours the software finally updated. Could have flown to Spain and back again in this time **WANKERS**

    So after the update nothing works, phone book, messages etc just hang when trying to connect. Most of the the other options crash with exception erros because files are missing etc.

    So in my opinion, this application kind of reminds me of this piece of shit. YouTube - Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't ****ing Work

    Thanks Samsung for wasting my morning you bunch of *****
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  22. gopalkmr

    gopalkmr New Member

    SGS users....

    The phone is good value for money but with followoing problems

    1) Batterly life is poor...may be there are trick to handle ....but they are not can not take care upto that extent
    2)While i am writing this ,my phone is getting charged through USB and this is getting hot....not a good sign for future
    3)when i loaded 10gb of data mostly music and few videos the music player and video player response time increased.I am not sure if i put external 16 gb or 32 gb card......
    4) You need to push the earpone jack little hard otherwise the music quality will be very bad
    5)Samsung site does not have any application for galaxy....

    I have earlier used NOKIA e-72 eith OVI suite.SGS is better than e72 but kies version 1.5.**** need to learn from OVI suite.Problems are

    1) Unstable USB connection.
    2) I am not sure what all four different kind of connection mean that appears on my phone.
    3) When connected to can not use the phone...what if i want to make a phone call?
    4) you connect to the interent and kies disconnect your can only use the net.Here the problem is i was sending SMS using a website but wanted to receive the message on my can not do it
    5)Mass storage is only showing two drive in my computer but does not show any space.It seems this does not read the phone internal inbuild sd memory card.In ideal case there should be three memory : phone,internal sd card and external sd card...
    6)UI need to be more compact....covers a big area and does nothing
    7)Developed on .NET framework....what about linux users?

    This way they can never parallel the IPHONE...though i want it....

    Overall a real good try....
  23. gopalkmr

    gopalkmr New Member

    i agree....kies is way to go before it works....i am afraid normal user like me will update new firmwares???
  24. tojjer

    tojjer Well-Known Member

    I connect my SGS via USB lead and the pc doesn't recognize it's there !!
    USB debugging is ticked and sdcard is mounted.

    Kies was installed but have now uninstalled it and still the same!!!!!

  25. alderi

    alderi Member

    Samsung made a real disservice to its great hardware with the choice of the team that developed the piece of garbage called Kies, which makes anything that is supposed to work with it useless.
    There must be a severe competence problem, surely, but worse, its their attitude of denial which make me think that there is no future for Kies.
    To see what I am talking about browse the Kies section of badaforum:
    Kies is a disaster. Is anyone at the helm ? - Samsung Kies
    I've dumped my lovely Samsung Wave because I cannot purchase (let alone download) an essential application without which my so-called smartphone is a mere toy. And I've given up my plan to buy the Galaxy Tab because it also requires Kies to sync with the PC.

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