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  1. alderi

    alderi Member

    I used practically the same terms to express my frustrations in badaforum:
    Your Experience with Samsung Kies - Samsung Kies - 3


  2. oilyrag

    oilyrag Member

    How to Fix Kies.....Windows 7 64bit Premium Edn.

    I've had several run ins with Kies and I have discovered the following:

    1. It never works after its been upgraded.
    2. The uninstall doesn't do its job.

    Therefore to get Kies working do the following.

    1. Uninstall from the Start > Programs > Samsung menu item
    2. Uninstall samsung drivers from Add/Remove programs
    3. Search C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files x86 for any folder called Samsung and delete their arses
    4. Reinstall Kies
    5. Connect in USB storage mode, when succesful
    6. Connect in Kies mode

    If you have the flashing screen problem then you need to run the software to remove files with long extensions, that can be found here somewhere....

    Good luck.
  3. alderi

    alderi Member

    Hahahaha. What a joke. Kies renders smartphones not-so-smart, or is it the user who's got to be pretty smart?
    Death to Kies!
    I am surprised there is no open source substitute yet. Perhaps Bada is not as open as they claim it is.
  4. Drg7

    Drg7 Member

    There is a VERY EASY solution, since KIES is highly problematic. Just install and use Sony Ericsson's MyPhoneExplorer which is supporting Android phones and is working like a charm both through WiFi and USB. Link here
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  5. bentonius

    bentonius Member

    After experiencing problems with Kies for about 2-3 weeks, I completely uninstalled it, and the USB Drivers as well. I reinstalled Kies, but it gave me an older version( on a Win7 32 Bit Professional machine. I didn't update Kies, then, I plugged in my phone using USB Debugging and put it in Samsung Kies mode. Now, it didn't really work, lol. However, I replugged it in after, with debugging off. It installed drivers (including the CDC ACM thing!) and my phone connected like a charm (took about 1.5 minutes, though). I have absolutely no idea why it worked this time, I didn't have to do the SD unmount or any of the other crazy options. All I know is I'm not switching from this version of Kies.
  6. mags1951

    mags1951 New Member

    After weeks of trying, I read this thread. I tried switching off WiFi as suggested, restarted the phone, restated the PC opened Kies and THEN plugged in the phone USB. Kies saw it straight away so I was at last able to access the update firmware - pity there is no update for my phone (i5800)!!!!!
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  7. vinegp

    vinegp New Member

    I hope this will help as I became very frustrated with SGS Kies. From the aplications page hit Samsung Apps, and then look for Kies air. Kies air is a mobile application that enables Wi-Fi PC-to-phone connection. It obviously only works if you have a Wi-Fi connection. I've been using it for a few days now and it my PC finds it every time.
    Good Luck
  8. LateNiteMike

    LateNiteMike Well-Known Member

    So, are you saying that this piece of software is a worthwhile replacement for Kies?...and that it can be used for firmware upgrades?
  9. wasbikebloke

    wasbikebloke Member

    Well it's now Feb 2011 and Kies is still ridiculously slow and unreliable. It constantly seems to hang and, when successful, takes hours to complete. I have a new Samsung Galaxy Tab and a Dell Windows 7 PC with the very latest version of Kies (updated last night). I'm using Norton 360 and have granted access to Kies.....
    Can anyone help.
    This is a huge issue and something that Apple have running absolutely perfectly. Getting this link running effectively must sit hand-in-hand with making Android more holistic if Android is to win, or even break-even, in the battle with the mighty ipad!!!!
    Any ideas out there? Does anyone know if Sony's MyPhoneExplorer still works......I'd much rather have a true Samsung alternative?
  10. wasbikebloke

    wasbikebloke Member

    Tried running MyPhone Explorer - it wouldn't connect to the Samsung Galaxy Tab. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Kies - still shocking poor and slow.
    Any ideas
  11. RedBlueGreen

    RedBlueGreen Active Member

    In honesty Kies has beaten me...I've given up!

    I've tried three different computers, and numerous solutions from this forum...nothing seemed to work for me.

    I have now set my Galaxy S to give me the "Select USB mode" screen on connection to the PC > I select 'Mass Storage' and manually add/remove items to the external SD card or the phone itself. Any new updates...Froyo versions as they come out? Well, I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. I love my Galaxy S and hate Kies.
  12. wasbikebloke

    wasbikebloke Member

    Reinstalled Kies. now connects but just hangs when it tries to sync - this is useless software! how come itunes and ipad/ipod etc work first time. haven't sought support for their products in the ten years I've had them.
    Come on samsung get your act together!!!!!
    Any ideas?
  13. LateNiteMike

    LateNiteMike Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm thinking seriously about doing a FW upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2.1. I've even gone as far as downloading the Kies program.....but frankly I'm afraid to run it. The majority of users who've tried it seem to be having problems with it of one kind or another. Our learned poster 'Beards' has strongly suggested using Odin and to not even try to use Kies. So, I'm really torn as to what to do. I'm fairly knowledgeable when it comes to computers...but I usually stick with factory software programs to get many things done. That's why I'm still contemplating using Kies rather than using another software program. I know for some it's a no-brainer to 'root' and 'flash' new Roms...but when it comes to smart-phones I'm a complete 'noob' when it comes to that. My SGS is still box stock except for several apps I've downloaded from the Market...and I don't want to screw it up. I'm currently in China and getting any 'help' on undoing any glitches would be very difficult to say the least.

    So, I'm trying to decide whether 2.2.1 is worth the effort (I tend to think it is) and whether I should take my chances and go with Kies (with all it's problems) or just take my chances by doing the upgrade using Odin.

    Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. mazzy2u

    mazzy2u New Member

    I have a completely different problem, Kies works but since I upgraded my graphics card to a Radeon 6950, the screen looks a bit odd, well, I say odd, it makes it nearly unusable. My old card was a GTS8800 and it looked fine on it. Any suggestions???
  15. anyacooool

    anyacooool New Member

    i am not supporting samsung services ignorance and the need for specialized support for at least expensive models, but have you tried SE service? samsung guys at least admit that there is something wrong with the software blaming Google or people are adamant and refuse to register a problem however genuine it is!

  16. anyacooool

    anyacooool New Member

    thank god i got rid of the was a nightmare that lasted 8 months!
  17. buranyi

    buranyi New Member

    Just spent 4 hours trying to connect Galaxy Vibrant to Kies. Used old version of Kies than new version. Nothing worked. Kies would not recognize the phone. It would say drivers needed to be installed, would indicate it was installing them than still not be able to recognize the phone.
    Kies is garbage.

    All that having failed I found a simple solution:

    Downloaded Android Manager Wifi and in 5 minutes I was able to sync music between PC and Galaxy. phone

    Download available at and also Android Market:
  18. itcholakov

    itcholakov New Member

    Problem is not with Kies or Samsung. Problem is with Windows. Sometimes it didn't recognize properly devices. What you must do in this case? - Go in Device Manager. Select View/Show hiden devices. Your phone will be shown there as other device. Rightclick on it and select update driver. Select folder with Samsung driver and update it. This will solve your problem and now you can see your phone. This problem appears for XP, Vista and Win7 powered by Mr. Bill Gates. :)
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  19. rowlandsfc

    rowlandsfc New Member

    i recently had the issue of my phone not connecting when it was set for kies, i fixed the problem using kies, in kies under tools there is an option to install driver, that reinstall all the drivers for my phone without a problem and it the phone now connects without a problem
  20. MichaelDavison

    MichaelDavison New Member

    I completely agree. I've been trying to use KIES with my I5503T and my Galaxy Tab, and sometimes it does not connect, and very often fails to synch bits of my calendar, and add blank lines to my contacts. I've now given it away (except for updating software), and found CompanionLink, which costs but works a treat and fast too. Recommended (and no, I have nothing to do with the company).
  21. meinkampf2

    meinkampf2 New Member

    i SPENT DAYS TALKING TO samsung about being unableto get KIES to work 16 hours of downloading instaqling and removing KIES tHEY SAID SEND THE PHONE BACK TO BE CHECKED i DID 2 TIMES at the 3rd requa=est I said no more Samsung then said they would replace the phone and upgrade Well it arrived today a GALAXY ACE and guess what it will not connect to KIES Windows 7 ultimate says incompatible device Kies does not recognise phone as being connected even when I try the help section on Kies and try to instal drivers it gets to 60% then some weird Korean pop up appears and it all closes down This is a brand new direct from SAMSUNG head office UK /dutch manufacturer phone and irt still does not work I am now saving my pennies for an I- phone
  22. jonnyd84

    jonnyd84 New Member

    I went into device manager, deleted the drivers off of my computer for my I896 and then reinstalled them. It now connects. My comp is running windows 7 home premium. Thing is it connects but doesn't like to sync yet. It's only sync up properly once and since then it hasn't wanted to do it. Any answers there?
  23. antok240888

    antok240888 New Member

    hi guys.....

    i have galaxy tab 10.2 and i want to copy some files from my PC. when i connect the USB to my PC, there's no device detect on my PC....

    please help me....


  24. William509

    William509 Member

    I have found Kies to be the most frustrating program I have ever used:mad:. It takes ages to load, is awkward to use (when it maintains the connection to my phone) and is very slow.
    I am just dowloading the latest version Released today. 55841 KB of slow dowload it will take at least an hour and my system has never been that slow before. I hope it is worth it, but I feel sure that using windows explorer will be much quicker and easier. As for updating the phone software, that can be done from the phone, but use a WIFI link.
    My opinion so far is - how can Samsung make something as good as the Galaxy and then write such bad software to go with it?:confused:
  25. kellyssedgeman

    kellyssedgeman New Member

    you gotta help me! I got a samsung galaxy ace yesterday and i am trying to get my music on my phone. Ive tried to download KIES which is rubbish, how do i get my phone into mass storage mode so that my laptop recognises my phone

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