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  1. Songohan

    Songohan New Member


    I am new here, but had to register because I wondered maybe some one had the same problem.

    The situation is like this, when i bought the phone it worked fine, and i updated to latest version of android 4... smthn....

    And now it works fine, but the problem is when I lock my phone - it goes to sleep mode and while the display is black, periodically it flashes back up, like i am touching it or pressing some button while it is locked.

    So any1 had this problem? It starts to annoy me...
    Or maybe it is phones malfunction and i should give it back and replace it?

  2. mustang2012

    mustang2012 Member

    Hi, this seems to be a problem with software, you can update your software from Sony but you will get ICS now, so better go to the service centre (also see the Sony mobile forums for expert advice)
  3. sanjana851

    sanjana851 New Member

    ur screen flashes again n again coz u r having virus in ur ph...... download avast and scan ur cell... this same thing happ. with me but after using avast everything is fine.
  4. SIH

    SIH New Member

    xperia sucks. Can not handle simple things that were available in nokia.
    1) send contact as text is not available.
    2) forgot to include groups options for contacts.
    3) expects that you will download three hundreds apps each doing a simple function that was available in nokia.
    4) No easy way to organize your sms in folders. Need to have an app that does it in a convoluted fashion requiring too many clicks.
    5) Tried several apps for groups management. None does the automatic thing available in nokia for groups management, no search option for selecting from thousands of contacts in the go sms/expandable app.
    6) on and on.
    7) there is no help
    8) Need to spend days on forums like these to get to do a simple thing.
    9) I am lamenting my decision
  5. ysharief

    ysharief New Member



    You have just experienced automatic system which is simple that is nokia means (symbian firmware) ok why dont you try nokia WINDOWS.. FIRST TRY IT.

    Android is a hi-tech operating system which is open for every one anybody can develop there own app and share it or sell it on market..

    nokia symbian is out-dated it is best for illiterate persons
  6. ysharief

    ysharief New Member

    its not a problem i think you have ticked screen updates option JUST go to settings-Developer option-tap un-tick if it is ticked-show screen updates
  7. Suhasbk09

    Suhasbk09 New Member

    hi every1 :)
    PLease help me with the prob i face in Xperia Neo v.
    I m unable to play games from gameloft like GT motor racing academy.
    It exits the game as soon as i start playing it..
    i downloaded it via wifi but still i m facing a lot of problem..
    please help me with dis..
  8. Josh-SonyXperia

    Josh-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Does this only happens with Gameloft's games?
  9. mon205

    mon205 New Member

    I'm facing the same problem with "Race, Stunt, Fight." with my Neo V
  10. harikrsih510

    harikrsih510 Member

    im using 2.3.4 with 4.0.2.A.0.62 firmware. Ive heard there r some rooting problems in this firmware so thought of flashing it to 4.0.2.A.0.42. when im flashing it asked for drivers even though i installed it many times it is asking it repeatedly that drivers r please help me .................:(
  11. Skyruner

    Skyruner New Member

    Fox, I need someone help, I am started to be desperate...

    I have problem with my NeoV which truly anoy me.

    First, it in the middle of conversation lose connection or something like that, but result is ended call. It is realy problem to me because I need reliable phone and this NeoV with that problem isnt.
    I have network coverage so that shouldnt be a problem, and all other phones on same location work well.

    Also, that phone have another problem, and that is SMS problem.
    From time to time it simply dont want to send SMS to a specific contact, and that SMS arrive some couple of hours later(sometimes whole day later).

    You must admit that this problems make this phone unusable and make me totaly dissapointed in Sony, and sometimes it make me think of old Nokia with buttons that I put away.

    And suggestion is wellcome
  12. dssaini

    dssaini New Member


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