Problem with STATIC IP Seting in Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P-3100 WhiteGeneral

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  1. magfiroh

    magfiroh New Member

    i have Samsung galaxy tab 2 p3100 white. i have problem with STATIC IP Seting. i have opened Advance Configuration, but it's read only and i can not change and save it.

    how to solve my problem?

  2. rvrajan

    rvrajan Member

    Do not use Advance setting. Let the device take IP through DHCP. Once your Tab connected to WiFi, select named wifi connected network by pressing it for long time, it will show you two options 1. forget network 2. modify network config, select 2nd option and give your static settings to your tab :)
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  3. hkmk23

    hkmk23 Well-Known Member

    I just tried that and on my Tab2 -7 all I get is a box which opens with a password box and two tick boxes underneath - show password and show advanced options followed by save or cancel. It does not matter what you select it simply goes away doing nothing! any ideas?

    Aha...just tried it again without saving or cancelling but closed the pop up keyboard was hiding the further options you said - well done!

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