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  1. COLDinsyde

    COLDinsyde New Member

    I just got this phone, LG Venice, about 2 weeks ago. I love the phone but there is one problem with it that I cant find a way to turn off or fix. When I use Pandora I like to use an AUX cable to play it in my car. Everytime I plug it in some automatic voice listening thing pops up. Sometimes it even starts going crazy and starts to call people. And vibrates randomly.

    I have no problems with this phone whatsoever but that. I've looked in the settings. I've tried to wait for the music to start before plugging it in and before the music starts.

    Anyone know whats going on? or just a glitch in the phone I guess.

  2. Rhombus

    Rhombus Member

    What brand/model of AUX cable is it? Is it gold plated?

    Do regular headphones work ok?
  3. dylanp

    dylanp Well-Known Member

    It seems like a glitch...or cord, but I play pandora through my aux cord in my car everyday and have not had any issues, if it makes any difference I have a cheap ol' plain aux cord that I purchased from radio shack years ago to play my ipod the same way

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