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Problem with the clock!Support

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  1. TikPandora

    TikPandora Member

    I just received my Samsung Galaxy Centura in the mail yesterday, and I really like the phone. It seems to work quite well, and fit into my price point nicely. Unfortunately though, I seem to have a rather annoying problem. Randomly it seems, my clock will sometimes jump back in time six hours. I noticed it within the first hour I was using the phone, and it has happened about four times since. I tried a battery pull, have tried to turn off the auto-set, none of it helps. For some reason, the clock consistently will jump back exactly six hours.

    There is no way I can return it to Straight Talk, for two reasons. One, I can't go without a phone for that long. Two, I rooted it...warranty voided.

  2. bhero

    bhero Well-Known Member

    well the thing with cell phones the clock is handled by the network. so if the network tells it your time has changed it will correct the clock.

    i would say it has something to do with your customization.
  3. TikPandora

    TikPandora Member

    Something to do with my customization? This basically started happening when I was setting up the phone initially.
  4. viiron

    viiron Active Member

    Go under settings->date & time and uncheck "Automatic date & time" and set the time manually.

    This is more of a workaround instead of an actual solution to the issue, but it works nonetheless.
  5. TikPandora

    TikPandora Member

    That was actually the fist thing I tried, it still did it about 11 hours after I removed the auto-set. Straight Talk instructed me to do a battery pull, I did that, it did it again. Then they told me to try a factory reset. I tried that, and things are still going well it seems. It has been about a day or so now.
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  6. SteveCampsOut

    SteveCampsOut Well-Known Member

    Here's the deal. I've noticed this happening as well and the issue appears if you let the phone battery get drained to nearly dead. If you keep your phone well charged, it doesn't happen. At least it only happens to me if I let the battery get too low.
  7. dsgg82slim

    dsgg82slim New Member

    I was having the same issue but these apps from Google play store has been very beneficial...


  8. dsgg82slim

    dsgg82slim New Member

  9. tonto18

    tonto18 New Member

    Do the apps purchased from the google play store reinstall after the factory reset? Will the play store know I already purchased the apps?
  10. Just purchased two of these phones from Walmart.com and have activated on Straight Talk. These are my first smartphones to be used for actual service. I've had them before as MP3 and Wifi devices though. Anywho...I'm having the same problem on both phones! It seems to be ocurring on my wife's more often though for some reason. I installed the ClockSync app, but am afraid to actually root it because of the voided warranty. I've tried a ton of things like battery pull and turning off/on, but it keeps coming back. Next step is factory reset I guess...which is likely what ST customer service will tell me. Sent them an email asking for help and they asked that I called directly. Pain.
  11. Happened to me twice again today. Once was early in the morning and then again around 7 pm CST. Lost 6 hours both times. Anyone else?
  12. SteveCampsOut

    SteveCampsOut Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the ClockSync Solution.
  13. samhamforash

    samhamforash Member

    Anyone else having problems with clock sync? I get a msg saying can get ntp offset. Ugh was working fine.
  14. redfield88

    redfield88 Well-Known Member

    There is no way to fix this without clocksync at the moment. Factory reset will not solve your issue. This is a software issue with the phone. A lot of cheap Samsung phones have annoying bugs like this.
  15. SteveCampsOut

    SteveCampsOut Well-Known Member

    Did you look into the ClockSync settings and give it permission to use the 3G data connection?
  16. evertking

    evertking Member

    I had problems with clock sync.. or could of been the thrkottle st put on me. Anyway, i use an app called smart time sync and it checks and correcrs the time using gps and have not had that problem anymore.. heck now im at work early. Lol
  17. bccric

    bccric New Member

    I also have the same problem but since i am in arizona my time backs up 7 hours. I have custom rom am rooted , use clocksync and still have the problem. I have unrooted gone back to stock factory reset, tried all the tricks. Still have the problem and as i type it is happening again.
    As an after thought i wonder if your offset will change with the end of dst. Az does not use dst.
  18. jmcook79

    jmcook79 Well-Known Member

    I have had my phone for almost a month and this problem finally happened to me today! In my case it set the clock back 5 hours. I went into time settings and unchecked the auto setting and then checked it back and it corrected it. If it continues to happen I will try the app that uses the GPS but does GPS always need to be on for it to work or does it turn it on as needed?
  19. jmcook79

    jmcook79 Well-Known Member

    How low was your battery when it happened? I can't remember how low mine was both times it happened but it if it happens again, I'll make a note of it.
  20. freakshow85

    freakshow85 Well-Known Member

    I have had it happen a few times... always early in the morning for me and at full charge with phone plugged in, because I leave my phone plugged in overnight.
  21. peteo3

    peteo3 New Member

    Same problem here. This morning it seems to have happened when the phone checked for updates. Could this have something to do with it? Or is it just the NSA screwing with us?
  22. hitesh123

    hitesh123 Well-Known Member

    This might be network time server issue
  23. jmcook79

    jmcook79 Well-Known Member

    If it were it seems like it would affect all Straight Talk Verizon based phones. But I'm no expert so you may be right.

    It's too bad that un-checking auto time & time zone and re-checking them doesn't work for everyone. If it did someone could write an app that could do it automatically any time it happens. Another idea would be to leave your clock on manual and have an app that resets it to the amount of hours you normally lose. For example, if you live in the Eastern time zone it would set it to 5 hours ahead. I don't see why either of these app idea would need root access. I may be wrong so maybe someone much smarter than me will chime in lol.
  24. SteveCampsOut

    SteveCampsOut Well-Known Member

    I haven't had any issues since installing ClockSync. Nothing seems to stop the 5/6 hour roll back but ClockSync, for me, has fixed the issue before I see it ever since I installed it. There has only been one time I noticed the time changed back and all I had to do was tell ClockSync to update more often and I haven't seen the wrong time since then.
  25. jmcook79

    jmcook79 Well-Known Member

    If I was rooted I'd try it out but I have a 2 year replacement plan and my luck something would happen and I wouldn't be able to un-root it before I sent it back. For now I'm going to continue to wipe my system cache once a week and update on whether or not it happens again. For some people it prevents it for 2-3 weeks but others clear the cache every day and still experience it. I guess I'll find out. In the meantime, it doesn't even bother my wife lol. She just leaves it alone and eventually it corrects itself.

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