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Problem with the sound at this phone from the system... pls help meSupport

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  1. razzyfunik

    razzyfunik New Member

    I bought this phone in December 2012. Basically I am happy with it, but one problem:

    After a few days of operation, it passes the sound off and can not be reactivated. Thus, the phone no longer play any song (with the message that this file does not support, although it is mp3), do not emit any sound and must be restarted.
    After the restart, it works normally for a while, and then comes the problem.
    Android phone has 236, was re-Soft and is still the same problem occur.

    What I can do? What setting is wrong? Why go automatically in muted and not allow me to reactivate it? I've encountered this problem? how you solved it?

  2. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    I dont really know a sollution, but maybe the update to jelly bean will solve your issue?
  3. mvrck

    mvrck Member

    What do you mean by re-soft? did you try Setting>Privacy>Factory data reset ? Make sure you back up your data before a reset.

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