Problem with touchscreen/proximity sensor during calls?Support

  1. beckarinaa

    beckarinaa New Member

    Okay so I'm new to the whole touchscreen...thing, so the answer might just be that I'm an idiot...I know the Motorola Cliq has a proximity sensor but it seems to be a bit glitchy...

    For example if I'm on the phone, with the phone to my ear, the screen automatically goes off and everything is fine and dandy. BUT if I remove the phone from my ear while the call is still connected, the screen comes back on and if I try to do something on the phone, such as check a text msg, i try to pull down the notifications bar and the screen spazzes out turning on and off as I slide/remove my finger...make sense? Help!

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I just popped in to say hello and to welcome you to AF. Enjoy

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