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problem with video playGeneral

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  1. hardalpha

    hardalpha New Member

    My tablet will not play you tube or other videos even when WiFi is super strong

  2. Galaxy Tab2 47

    Galaxy Tab2 47 Well-Known Member

    I can reach youtube and run my posted videos. There must be some problem have you updated the firmwear on your router?
  3. artistasur

    artistasur Active Member

    hardalpha Probably you will need to manualy install flash player.
    Save the attached apk in your tablet (Downloads) using USB connection and follow the instructions down here:

    In your tablet go to "Settings" > "Security" > "Unknown sources" and check "Allow installation of non Market apps"

    Finally in "Settings" > "Storage" > "Downloads" find this apk click on it and "Install"

    In any case use stock browser, remenber "Chrome" don't support Flash

    I hope this help :)

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  4. aktina

    aktina New Member

    I have tried the above and get a "Cannot open file"

    Any help ?
  5. artistasur

    artistasur Active Member

    Have you done the steps correctly?
    If yes, send me a private message and I will send you the newest Flash player apk
    What Android version is runing on your device?
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  6. mandy5001

    mandy5001 New Member

    Brilliant - thanks - worked fine for me and now I can play flash. Aktina may need to download an apk installer.
  7. mandy5001

    mandy5001 New Member

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  8. aktina

    aktina New Member

    It worked with that APK installer.

    Thank you much !!!

    I am running 4.1
  9. longlong

    longlong New Member

    Can some help me have same problem i follow every thing but i can not install flash player
  10. artistasur

    artistasur Active Member

    longlong This solution should work for all tablets (suposing you have your system unaltered). Maybe the downloaded apk is corrupt, try to download it again and follow the steps carefuly

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