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  1. coolrishu18

    coolrishu18 New Member

    Hi everyone,
    2 things I want to confirm here that i am facing in my neo v (GB)...

    1. My Phone Wi-FI gets automatically started and got connected and when I turn it off it turned off for few minutes and again turned this the issue with you guys too???
    and my phone wi fi is not able to detect my laptop wi fi connection can you name me any app that i have to install in my phone for this...

    2. Second one is the memory issue..when There is option to move an application from phone memory to SD card then why it didnt move completly??
    suppose a app is of 15 mb in phone memory and when I move it to SD card then only 1 mb gets come???

    waiting for your reply champs...:eek::)

  2. coolrishu18

    coolrishu18 New Member

    can any body reply on this?????

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