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  1. michele65

    michele65 New Member

    When i acivate my wi-fi connection i can see all the wi fi routers available and i can connect to them. The problem is that when i open my browser or other application that use internet i cannot navigate....and i don't see any page on the web......The wifi appears connected....i have tried with a router where the ip is automatically assigned and one where i have to enter manually all used address but the problem is the same.....

    My Xperia configuration is:
    Firmware Version:2.1-update1
    Kernel Version: 2.6.29
    Build Number: 2.1.1.A.0.6

    When wifi connection is stopped i can navigate witout problems...



  2. dileepkumar_y

    dileepkumar_y Member

  3. michele65

    michele65 New Member

    Installed, but it seems the problem is still here.......I activate wifi, open the browser, the first page i search is ok, then stop.....With wifi fixer i see that it restarts wifi so the page i search is loaded but not with wifi........when wifi is started i can't navigate....
  4. dileepkumar_y

    dileepkumar_y Member

    But in my case with out WIFI FIXER, By default I have no problems in using WIFI application as of now atleast. You are right, when you install wifi fixer it constantly reboots your WIFI application, I saw it in my mobile also, so Uninstalled!!!
    Similarly I have problems with micro phone while using skype app, I can hear incoming voice , but other end they cannot hear my voice. made several attempts to fix it with no success.

    I understood that, Xperia series have common manufacturing hardware defects with WIFI and Microphone devices. probably you may need to exchange your mobile with a new one if it is in warranty.
  5. michele65

    michele65 New Member

    I have made new tests and i have discovered that the wifi connection runs witout problems with wifi lan not problem in navigation is present only when i have to enter the password to access the lan....even if i insert the correct key navigation is not possible...

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