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Problem with Wi-Fi!Support

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  1. Josh14

    Josh14 New Member

    Hey Guys, first post here! :D

    Anyway, I can't connect to my home network on Wi-Fi
    (Btw, I'm using a Xperia X8, Android 2.1)

    I've typed it in correctly but it still says 'Disconnected'. I've been on other posts and tried following the steps other people wrote, but it doesn't work..

    Btw, I haven't got a data plan yet, is it because of that? Because I really don't know what to do :(


    Thanks in advance.:)

  2. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

  3. Josh14

    Josh14 New Member

    Still no luck :(

    My phone is up-to-date, I changed the channel and did everything else and it still says: 'Disconnected'

    I haven't used it since February so maybe is that a problem? I remember when I first bought it, I had the same difficulties, but I somehow managed to fix it:confused::confused:

    Btw, I'm on Orange
  4. awie

    awie New Member

    hyee...i want ask something..
    I use xperia x8.,and why when I want to connect the public wifi it worked but the webpage is unvailable...anyone can helpp me please????tq
  5. Lloydie44

    Lloydie44 New Member

    i've had to install a new sd card & orange insisted that i re-format/re-set my phone which i did under their instruction. since i have had problems connecting to my wi-fi bthub & blue tooth parrot device. x8 is recognizing both but fails to stay connected. when i have tried to download aps (soundhound & 4 pics 1 word) the googleplay site is saying phone not compatible...why is all this happening

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