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  1. snowmaan

    snowmaan Member

    After updating to ICS a month or so ago, have noticed the following
    What are others doing or suggest who have the same:

    - Whenever I reboot, it takes 2-3 mins to load, then hangs, then a window says: "Unfortunately Appstore has stopped..."

    - Constantly get this message that appstore has stopped, probably a few times a day"

    - Very laggy also in general, runs very slow and takes long seconds when switching between apps

    - Battery life is just terrible, a full battery usually only lasts me about 6 hours even if I am on a power management setting - I am using Go Power Master

    - I have several different launchers installed, and have a folder on the desktop which I use to "switch" between them" - I find it anice way to try them all, and have different profiles set up, some with lots of apps

    - The launchers or Samsung one all seem to be as unreliable, so I suspect it's a bad ICS upgrade

    So, what to do

    Backup data & reinstall ICS - which method to backup?

    When i upgraded to ICS (via Samsung Kies), I just copied and pasted files on my laptop from the phone and SD Card, to my documents folder, and copied the stuff back on I wanted
    - I didn't worry about apps, as I can just reinstall the ones I want, and I wanted then, and same now, a fresh install

    If I do a fresh install of ICS, am I best to return the phone to factory settings first, then upgrade to ICS?

    Like the old windows upgrade days, you want to make sure there's no lingering data to mess things up of course

    Appreciate any suggestions

  2. snowmaan

    snowmaan Member

    Surely someone has an opinion on this?
  3. shocksystems

    shocksystems New Member

    I am experiencing the same behavior after upgrading to ICS, I have a Motorola Droid Maxx. Wish I had a suggestion for what to do. I will keep researching and post on this thread if I make progress.
  4. R4nd0mJ0k3r

    R4nd0mJ0k3r Well-Known Member

    Factory Reset. Fixed.

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