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  1. jason920420

    jason920420 New Member

    When ever i receive a text message, it doesnt show up, ive done several tests with my friend sat right next to me, he would send a text, then about 30 minutes later i would receive it, but the time stamp would say the time he sent not when i received it.

    IT never used to be such a delay between receiving texts before 2.3.3 update which i got about 10 days ago.

    Please respond with possible solutions, i have tried restoring phone, going through all settings, literally everything.

  2. zer0snap

    zer0snap Active Member

    Well if you are after a solution to this problem then I think you are going to be disappointed as I have yet to find one myself. This problem is driving me bonkers, I have tried switching my phone on and off, uninstalled my GoSMS app, cleared SMS cache/data, blah blah blah. Nothing has changed. I cant find any REAL solution for this damn problem. Good luck and if you do find a solution please post here as I would be very grateful.

  3. dksdalal

    dksdalal New Member

    Hi I am also experiencing problems after updating to 2.3.3. The phone, in the event of a call dropping behaves strangely; screen flickers and "click" sound is there in case of bad reception.
  4. MADCV

    MADCV Member

    Mine has been getting messages a half hour/hour after they are being sent, usually from people i'm about to meet or are right next to me.
    and yes it is only after the last update ( 2.3.3 ) so HTC are idiots obviously.
    It's not a network problem,
    I put my sim back into my Nokia N8 and it works like a charm.
    Funnily enough how a phone should work.
    They really need to look into fixing this ridiculous Messages App because it is a phone, primarily, so if you can't program a handset to send/recieve a simple text message then you should probably stop making phones HTC.
    or at least ask Nokia/Apple how it is done properly.
    I'd suggest HTC send them a text message but, oh, if Nokia wrote back it wouldn't turn up on the Incredible until half an hour after it needed to be answered.
    In my 11 years of owning Nokias i've never been so offended by something so simple not working the way it should.
    HTC Inconvenient you could say.
    Quietly Useless.
  5. Vaytrex

    Vaytrex New Member


    see what you guys think let me know ....
    Hey guys,

    Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile networks > Network Mode.

    It will be on GSM / WCDMA auto.

    Change it to GSM only.

    My HTC Incredible S gets full bars of reception ever since and no delay in receiving text.

    Hope this helps :)
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  6. DJjay

    DJjay Active Member

    Yeah that's great, but it means you have to permanently have your phone set to 2G - so super slow internet on GPRS. Not a good solution.

    I'm trying a new radio on my newly rooted phone, to see if that will make any difference - just flashed it, so results in a day or two.
  7. just spinelli

    just spinelli New Member

    I've had the same problem with delayed texts, plus not all calls coming through. After much to-ing and fro-ing with my network, I got in touch with HTC. They admitted that it's a known problem for Incredible S users who upgraded to Gingerbread, and that a fix will be released. Unfortunately they were unable to tell me when.

    As a workaround, they have offered to downgrade my phone to Froyo, but only if I send it to them, and they have a turnaround time of seven working days (which IMHO is too long to be without my phone when the problem isn't just with my handset).

    I offered to downgrade it myself, but they said that would void the warranty.

    As an aside, I used 2g for awhile to try and make the phone useable. I still experienced a delay, though only by a few minutes. However, my messages going out also started to be delayed, and yesterday three messages I sent didn't arrive at all.
  8. applemanthai

    applemanthai Member

    I also contacted HTC about many issues since upgrade to 2.3 and they admitted that there were problems. Asked for a few days to sort it out..... I think everyone with Inc S and 2.3 is finding that their phone is practically useless.....

    Lets see what they come up with.......
  9. dAk_AyTaM

    dAk_AyTaM Member

    I'm new here, I also use the new Incredible S for a few days, now I have not upgraded yet, so need to upgrade or not? if I continue with the 2.2.1, what advantages and disadvantages of the system 2.2.1? Can anyone give me some opinions ...
  10. Jacmeister

    Jacmeister Member

    dont upgrade until the bugs are out of it. otherwise you will experience the same problems as the other posters
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  11. KooKoo

    KooKoo New Member

    I had the same problem with my HTC Incredible S after the upgrade. Calls not coming through, delayed emails/sms by hours etc. Network provider couldn't helps...blah, blah.

    Anyway, a kind soul from the solved the prob for me.

    First, make sure you have backed up data for the phone. Do the Auto sync with your comp.

    Then re-set phone back to factory settings.

    AND IT WORKS, my phone is now back to normal!!! Apparently by resetting the phone, it "knocks" out the bugs and gets it running smoothly again.
  12. applemanthai

    applemanthai Member


    By resetting back to factory default settings are you on 2.2 or are you on 2.3?
  13. applemanthai

    applemanthai Member

    I was emailed to complete a customer satisfaction survey following my contact with HTC. Needless to say, I wasnt very complimentary cause I still have the issue and NO idea when it will be resolved.

    I then got a phonecall from HTC this morning asking me about the issues and they confirmed again that many people have complained since 2.3 upgrade and that they are working on a hotfix. But he reckoned it would be another full month at least!

    Man, thats a complete joke!

    As soon as I get back to the city where I bought this phone I am demanding a replacement!

    Used to love HTC (started with a DOPOD) but now feel very let down....
  14. dAk_AyTaM

    dAk_AyTaM Member

    I heard there was a new update to solve this problem, there are those who have tried...
  15. Bagbug

    Bagbug Well-Known Member

    Mine is set on GSM / WCDMA auto and I get all my messages almost instantly.
  16. googleo

    googleo Member

    I've the same problem about receiving late sms with my Incredible and the bug was "born" when I updated the phone to GINGERBREAD (or GINGERBUG as I like to call it).
    I've made almost 10 ticket to HTC assistance, but here in Italy they pretend to know nothing about it and the most annoying thing that make me crazy is that the assistance answer me with the same answers like:

    Do you have installed some app. from the market???
    Try to reset the phone.... etc etc...
    They don't know what to do or what to say...

    Obviously I tried to do everything to solve that (I mean reset the phone almost 15 times too) ... but uselessly !!!

    Changing the Network mode to GSM only is not a solution !!! Did we buy a smartphone or not ?!?!

    I hope that they'll fix the bug asap otherwise I'll send the phone to the assistance asking a downgrade (I miss FROYO) that I cannot do it on my own because I don't wanna lose the warranty.

    If anybody of you will get a solution of this bug, pls post it !!!
  17. adtoes

    adtoes Member

    still havin' this issue!!! everyone else the same??
  18. gtbensley

    gtbensley Member

    I just got an OTA update this morning for my incredible and now it is useless....I cant even open the texting program or it force closes. Switching between the screens it often causes the phone to go to the white screen that reads HTC as it reboots. Same thing happens when I try to use my favorites page to make a call. Incredibly frustrated with it (get it? haha). Have tried everything I can think of but nothing has worked. Please let me know if anyone can help me.

  19. MissMuffitt

    MissMuffitt New Member

    I also got that OTA update, it totally stuffed my phone.. I did a factory reset and in the last week the phone has still rebooted twice.

    I might add that the phone was perfect until this update!!

    Not happy... I want my reliable Incredible S back!!
  20. UKseagull

    UKseagull Well-Known Member

  21. RodgersDA

    RodgersDA New Member

    I to updated my Incredible S. Since I upgraded to 2.3.3 I have had intermittent loss of signal and frequent non reciept of calls - even though I have full bars a caller goes straight into my Voice mail.
    I have sent the device for repair with HTC, but I am still getting the same issue
  22. applemanthai

    applemanthai Member

    I had same problem before and went to the HTC support office and they fixed it. Basicaly they reinstalled the 2.3.3 update.... Everything works much better now.

    My advice - go to HTC and get them to fix it... only took an hour!
  23. neo-X

    neo-X Active Member

  24. mack253

    mack253 New Member

    i only saw this on one site.....delete the app advanced task saved my phone and i did not have to do a reset at all!!!! for some reason they are not compatible....hope this helps! my phone was literally gone to freezing and shutting off...not getting calls, texts, not playing music NOTHING....deleted that app and now im back in business :)
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  25. crazy2009

    crazy2009 New Member

    i only saw this on one site.....delete the app advanced task saved my phone and i did not have to do a reset at all!!!! for some reason they are not compatible....hope this helps! my phone was literally gone to freezing and shutting off...not getting calls, texts, not playing music NOTHING....deleted that app and now im back in business :)


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