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  1. koshki

    koshki Well-Known Member

    Last week I got a notice that my Samsung Captivate Glide could be updated to ICS 4.0. I had some problems upgrading initially, but eventually discovered that you can't use any old micro USB cable, the Samsung one was needed.

    Anyway, since upgrading, my battery life has been terrible. It takes forever to charge up and discharges almost immediately. I don't think I could go more than a couple hours without having to recharge it. It also gets hot when charging or if I'm using the phone.

    Also, in the "active applications" area, I am almost continously seeing my email app in "red". For example, right now it's reading RAM 31.63MB, CPU 68.34%.

    I have the screen brightness turned down (more than before) and the GPS off. I use the Bluetooth while driving to use my ear piece. The wifi is on while I'm home because I do use it regularly...and I was able to do so before the upgrade and still have acceptible battery life.

    Do I have a problem, or is this what "enhanced performance" looks like? :(


  2. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    Your email app appears to be the problem. A process is 'stuck' so to speak. Reboot the phone and see if that corrects it. If you already did that, try shutting off the phone, remove the battery for 30 seconds, replace and restart.
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  3. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hi Katherine...

    It is recommended to do a reset of the device after accepting an update. Try doing so, and leave all default settings as is for awhile. Only installed / update preinstalled applications. Use the device this way for a day or two to see its performance.

    If for any reason, you are still experiencing these problems...then you might need to contact your service provider for additional help.

    Best of luck. :)

    P.s. And no, that is not how "enhanced performance" looks like - not even close.
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  4. koshki

    koshki Well-Known Member

    I should have mentioned that I did take the battery out before I started this thread, but that did not seem to help. I did it again, anyway. Is this a "reset"...if not, how would I do that?

    I will report back after I see how this is functioning for a while.

    Thanks again.

  5. koshki

    koshki Well-Known Member

    I should add: this thing seems to try "loading messages" for a long time. I don't remember it doing this before; it would look for a while, download what was new and then stop until the next cycle. Now it just seems to be trying to download messages without stop.
  6. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    What you did was not a 'reset'. By 'reset' (aka 'factory reset') he means reload the phone completely, putting it back to out-of-the-box condition. In your case, it would make the phone as if you just bought it but with ICS pre-installed. Everything on the phone is erased, so do backups first of anything you want to keep - photos, etc. The procedure to do a factory reset varies by device. Your phone's manual will have instructions. A factory reset will probably fix your email problem, but it's not guaranteed.

    If a reset seems like too much hassle, try this: assuming you are using the built-in email client (which cannot be uninstalled) open your email and either delete accounts or go into account settings and set check email frequency to 'Never'. The aim is to keep the stock email client from ever starting up and getting 'stuck' checking mail. Check your running apps to be sure email didn't restart. If it did reboot and check again.

    Now you can install one of the many alternative email clients such as Enhanced Email, K9, etc etc. That *should* solve your email and battery problems.
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  7. koshki

    koshki Well-Known Member

    Thanks Crash!

    Ok, I just did a backup. Now, before I push the button, will restoring my backup put all my settings and stuff back? Or will I have to go through all that again? Not that I won't, I just want to know what to expect.

    In the meantime, I will look into email apps. I didn't realize that I had options besides the factory-installed app. Silly me!
  8. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    Depends on how you did the backup and exactly what was backed up. You may be able to restore settings, screens, messages - I just don't know what "I just did a backup" exactly encompasses, not enough info. To be on the safe side, assume you will have to manually put everything back after a factory reset.

    Before resetting and starting over, I recommend you try the fix I described first. Much quicker.
  9. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    I've moved your thread over to the Captivate Glide forum - where you'll be able to find tips & info on this phone.
  10. koshki

    koshki Well-Known Member

    I have found that forum to be very inactive...I'm not sure it's a phone specific problem I'm having.
  11. koshki

    koshki Well-Known Member

    After a frustrating on-line chat with Samsung last evening, and then even more frustrating time on the phone with them today, I went ahead and did a factory reset.

    It seems much better. For one thing, it is not getting hot while charging. I haven't tested out everything else yet, but the email does not hang while loading.

    Thanks very much for the advice.
  12. cheryl4226

    cheryl4226 New Member

    Has anyone else's slide out keyboard stopped lighting up after installing ICS? I called Samsung, AFTER doing the live chat thing... so my phone ended up getting reset twice in one day. THEN they had me send it in because it was clearly MY phone having the problem. (Oh, it crashed constantly as well "android app has stopped working") So I sent it in, silly I find out that everyone else had the same probs. My fiance has same phone as I do, his did same exact thing as mine, but he didn't send his in, we're going to see what happens with mine first.
    In the meantime I'm without a phone for at least a week. They sent me an email saying they had received my phone and then saying that it will be ready by next Friday...grrrrrrrr!
  13. babelsquirrel

    babelsquirrel Active Member

    There is a link to a fix for the keyboard backlight problem here
  14. koshki

    koshki Well-Known Member

    Do I understand correctly that the phone has to be rooted to use this solution? I'm just not up to rooting my phone (I don't think).
  15. babelsquirrel

    babelsquirrel Active Member

    Well, you need to flash clockworkmod recovery or have root.
  16. babelsquirrel

    babelsquirrel Active Member

    I did run in to one other problem after the upgrade that was cleared by a master reset. After a phone call, would stop, and then restart.

    I didn't notice this for days since I so rarely make phone calls.

    Seems like Samsung's quality control here wasn't great. The 2.3.6 release was very stable - I wouldn't really recommend upgrading to this particular ICS release.

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