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Support Problems assigning photos to contact list

  1. chica19

    chica19 New Member

    I can't assign photos that I have downloaded onto the memory card or in my photo gallery to people in my contact list. When I click on them and choose to assign them to a contact it always brings up an outdated contact list from when I first got the phone (which only has about a quarter of my current contacts in it). The only way I seem to be able to successfully add photos to people in my complete current contact list is through the Whatsapp application (i.e.photos I have sent or received through this application). However most of the photos I want to use are in my phone's photo gallery or photos from Facebook (the same thing happens when I try to assign a photo from Facebook) and not on Whatsapp. Please could someone explain why I seem to have an outdated contacts list stored somewhere in my phone and why this could be happening? I have saved all my new contacts to the Sim card. Thank you very much!


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