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  1. RJtheLegend

    RJtheLegend New Member

    I seem to have issues copying anything from my SD card to my PC or from my PC to my SD card. I was able to do so when I first got my phone (sony xperia ray ST18). After I updated to ICS, I seem to have the issue. I have just done the latest update (4.1.B.0.431), hoping it would sort out the problem. No luck. If I try to copy from the PC, I get the error: " Cannot copy 'filename' : the device either stopped or has been disconnected" . I can see the files on the card. If I try to copy and paste or drag and drop to the pc, nothing happens.

    I dont want to format the card, as I would lose all my photos and apps. I have an 8gb card and it has 4gb free. I have tried using the PC companion, but that its pretty much the same as trying to copy using windows explorer. I have tried unmounting and then remounting the card. No luck. All apps on card work fine on the phone and I can see all pics and video clips. Downloading apps and storing to card is also not a problem.

    Any advise or solutions would be greatly appreciated?

  2. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately I have come across this problem before and the only fix we found was formatting the SD card as this is generally caused by corrupt files on the card itself. You could look at using a program such as "My Backup" to backup the content you do not want to lose to the cloud before doing this.
  3. RJtheLegend

    RJtheLegend New Member

    Thanks Sam. Reached same conclusion when tried card in a card reader and in another phone. Using an alternate card in my SD slot, I could copy to and from the card. I will give My Backup a go. Thanks again for replying.

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