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  1. casinoboy3

    casinoboy3 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 24, 2010
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    Got the Incredible about a week ago. I've got three accounts setup with the Android mail tool, two AOL accounts and one gmail. All were syncing fine until today -- I'm not getting any new e-mails in my gmail inbox (AOL accounts are still OK). They do show up when I used the Gmail app, but I don't like using that due to the threaded views.

    Anyway, the gmail account appears to sync OK with the mail client, both automatically on schedule and when I execute the sync manually. However, new e-mails are not appearing in my inbox. It's been working fine before today, no changes to the phone that I am aware of. It is setup via IMAP. I have gmail setup via IMAP on my home PC.... the new e-mails are definately showing up there and when I log in to gmail.com.

    I did reboot the phone, and also tried removing the account and then adding it again.... no such luck.

    Please help! Thanks.


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