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  1. epiccon

    epiccon Member

    this is my third sensation xe from orange each one has had the grip of death(wifi holding at top)(network signal holding at bottom)not locating my location correctly on weather app and not getting desktop view on stock browser even when mobile view ram memory only showing 563mb with on average 180 mb available,slower than my old desire in performing basic tasks,keep refreshing widgets on home screens I have tried all the different work arounds and as mentioned above three different new phones I have contacted htc twice the first a couple of weeks ago with the grip of death issue the guy told me it was the first he had heard of it and he would raise the issue and e mail me back which he hasn,t up to yet .I rang again this evening with the issues above the lady told me all phones lose their signals when you touch the back,the weather app was probably due to google servers even though my desire had no issues and google maps can pinpoint me,the browser issue she did not comment on and the missing ram she said was being used by the operating system when i challenged her on this the phone line went dead
    If this had been a new 2litre engine car that only actually had a 1.6 litre engine in it that only worked when i took my hands off the steering wheel,with a stereo that only worked if i replaced it with a different make,that didn,t go as fast as my old banger and if i complained to the manufacturers they would only be interested in new customers once they had my money do you think i should keep it just because it,s shiney and new? any answers ps apologies for a long post and i must add my old desire was fantastic and no complaints with orange either

  2. fhiadhaich

    fhiadhaich New Member

    Hiya. My sensation has 563 mb ram as they are advertised and runs around 200 mb free but a quick boost from android assistant will usually free up 80 mb or so. Battery doctor or similar task managers will free up some ram but some apps just restart so best ti kill the ones you ain't using manually. Only had it a few weeks but no problems at all with signal and I live in speyside in the heelans so there ain't much more remoteness and coverage from orange t mobile is great. No issues with location services or signal strength for making calls. Overall I'm delighted with mine excellent piece o kit far better than the wildfire which also served me impeccably hence the brand loyalty. Be interesting to hear other opinions from ownsrs. Oh I run go launcher ex and go notifications so can't comment on your widgets refreshing. Which widgets are doing this ? Can you not change their refresh intervals ?
    Oh me you must be damn unlucky to get 3 dodgy phones.

  3. epiccon

    epiccon Member

    Hi Scot this is 4th sensation xe now ram still saying 563mb when should be 768mb according to htc with on average 180/200mb available this one still pretty slow people and bookmark widgets still refreshing deathgrip issue still apparent(hand by camera lense wifi drop,hand at bottom call signal drop)this one has crashed a couple of times and just before it crashes the screen stops responding I had a look at a carphone warehouse assistants galaxy s2 yesterday very fast had 400mb of ram still available and she only used the stock task manager signal was good with no deathgrip so i have one coming Wednesday and this is going back which is a shame because I like the build of this better I might add that I am comparing this to my old desire which was fantastic and very fast but as app updates came along and system updates I started to get slower performance because of less ram which worries me about this phone i am by the way in a very strong orange signal area but still have dropped calls or poor intermittent reception which I did not have the same problems so I am having to move away from HTC this time I could be wrong about the shortfall in ram slowing the phone down as I am not an expert it might be the architecture of the system but when I look at computers less ram means slower computer in my experience.I will see on Wednesday
  4. alackman

    alackman Well-Known Member

    From my understanding android handles ram very differently to computers. Having it fuller is a good thing. There is a great article on here about it. If I get the time later ill post a link.
  5. epiccon

    epiccon Member

    Yes I have read different articles but then I think what is the need for an app killer to free up ram also just by experience when my phone runs slow the ram is usually low having used android and HTC desire for two years now I would have thought that they would have come up with a better solution than constantly having to kill or force close apps manually to keep the phone running fast and smooth having said that my desire was still faster than all four sensation xe,s I have tried and it seemed to run more stable maybe running the qhd screen could slow it down I don,t know
  6. alackman

    alackman Well-Known Member

    Hmm, i agree, the same article I'm thinking of also talks about the lack of need for a task killer for precisely this fact that android manages the ram so differently. It actually fills up the ram with things in limbo state so they open faster. I too came from a desire yet I find the sensation ex faster, I don't have a task kipper and don't ever use the onboard them manager . What launcher are you using? I've not really given this newer sense any time so I don't know from experience but I've read that sense is a system hog in itself.
  7. alackman

    alackman Well-Known Member
  8. epiccon

    epiccon Member

    I am using all stock launcher etc except browser because the stock browser mobile on off setting has no effect and I prefer to see desktop view of web pages,which to me is one of the good points of android over iPhone so I use dolphin browser I think it must be the sense hogging the ram but HTC said it didn,t but I like sense thats why I have tried four of these now I have tried the phone with and without task killers even turning off the stock one but without them the phone slows and crashes and re boots after a while, the screen freezes until it has caught up with itself and the battery drains quickly 8hrs or so.this phone seems to be smoother but slower than my desire on the screen refresh ratei also have a galaxy s which was much slower than my desire when I first got it only having about 65mb of ram left but after the froyo update on both the desire and galaxy s it seemed to free up a lot of ram on the galaxy and that speeded up a lot after that that's why I am tending to lean on the more ram faster phone side I have a galaxy s2 coming tomorrow so I will see but I will miss the sense UI if I decide to keep it .also have you noticed the signals dropping depending on how you hold the phone i have noticed it on all four now and as I am not getting any younger when the signal drops the sound in the earpeace goes very intermittent and I can hardly hear even on full volume
  9. alackman

    alackman Well-Known Member

    Right about the battery. Screen is responsible for this I think. I've not had any of these issues you mention with freezing or restarts etc apart from day one when I was installing all apps at the same time when sense was being used. As soon as I put on go launcher, no bother with slow down or reboot etc, I think sense us definitely the problem.

    Regarding the argument made on here on other threads about no point getting HTC phone if you don't use sense, I disagree. Without root, even with a dif launcher you still retain certain sense attributes. To be fair, I've not given sense on this phone. Chance as a far prefered go launcher ony desire and so have just stuck with it.
  10. epiccon

    epiccon Member

    Got the samsung galaxy s2on wednesday and what a phone this knocks spots off the sensation xe so its gone back regardless of what people say in my opinion ram does matter after using this phone its fast no lag does everything smooth and effortless and on average 450/500mb of free ram with lots of apps etc running so i think the app killer will be redundant it would be a long thread if i mentioned everything i think better about this phone so it,s goodbye htc for me until they can do a phone that doesn,t dissapoint me
  11. CyberJ

    CyberJ New Member

    Non of the problems he had were true IMO, we all know the sensation, it may fail once or twice, bit what he said was the comments of an SII fanboy, I hate it. It was clear to me where this was going from the start. I had to create an account just to say this, I have seem this con too many times now with the SII lovers.
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  12. Kruncha

    Kruncha Well-Known Member

    lol, i think your right. Username = epic-con
  13. ivoka1981

    ivoka1981 New Member

    I just got a HTC Sensation XE and discovered that it has the issues as Epiccons all 4 phone! This what get me to look onto the forums for any solution on that!

    I wonder why several peoples have no such issues and other have it!
  14. Loud

    Loud Well-Known Member

    This is my first SXE and last lol, in fact its going to be my last HTC too. My Desire was great, but was also my first true smartphone so had little to compare it to.

    The Sensation was sensational...briefly. Little niggles here and there developed but I learnt to live with them, until now. The screen has become so unresponsive it is actually a chore to use the phone. I've tried the fixes by pulling the grounding pin out a bit and tried using a little aluminum foil to help ground it but alas it isn't helping much.

    I could send it in for repair but to be honest I shouldn't have to plus I can't do without a phone for a week and have no other handset to use. I'll end up keeping this poor quality, faulty handset until I can upgrade and then it will be a Samsung or other manufacturer. Certainly won't be HTC as the screen problem is widespread and quite frankly it shouldn't be. To release a handset that has such a drastic operational flaw is pretty naff.

    So yeah, just my 2p worth...

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