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Problems installing HTC Sync

  1. normanames

    normanames New Member

    I have tried to install HTC Sync from the HTC website (version 2.0.4), but I keep getting the message "Generic Device Executable has encountered a problem and needs to close."

    The installation seems to finish, but when I try to open HTC Sync it appears frozen, and my Hero cannot detect HTC Sync on the PC.

    I'm running XP Pro, and I've switched off the firewall and anti-virus before running the installation programme.

    Has anyone any suggestions?


  2. normanames

    normanames New Member

    Yes - asked the question to HTC support, but they just advised me to turn off my anti-virus before installing, and if that didn't work, try the forums.

    Just to clarify, the problem is with installing HTC Sync - I can't get to the synchronizing stage.

  3. bojack

    bojack Member

    Hi Norman,

    I mean actually click on the link and try this?

    Q. How do I synchronize my phone with my PC?

    You can find the latest version of HTC Sync and drivers from Support section of our website. The USB debugging check box in HOME > MENU > Settings > Applications > Development needs to be selected for the phone to be able to synchronize with the PC using HTC Sync. On your computer, run HTC Sync. Connect the phone to the computer using the provided USB cable. The first time you synchronize the phone, the Synchronization Settings Wizard starts automatically to help you set up HTC Sync. Select the PC application you want to synchronize with and then select the categories you want to synchronize. Select when to synchronize data and then check the settings that you have chosen.
  4. Morph

    Morph New Member

    Hi all,

    I have the same problem, I've followed the link and followed the instructions but still nothing want to happen.

    Ok its not a major problem but it would make life simpler if I could copy all across in one go. For info I'm
    runing WinXP SP3, all anti virus, firewalls and any program not needed had been closed but......

    Any ideas?

    Cheers Morph

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