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  1. Analia77

    Analia77 New Member

    I'm new to smartphones and to forums...I'm not even sure if I'm at the right place to ask this question.

    I just got an HTC Sensation 4G, since I got it I keep gettign a notification to install system software update, but when i click "ok" to accept the update my phone gets stock with a black screen, it has the little android guy in the middle with a blue triangle and a yellow ! exclamation point.

    I let the phone seat like that for a while thinkign that is gonna do something, but nothing for hours on end, so I have to remove battery for a few minutes then put it back in to get it to tun on.

    Can someone tell me how to fix this? or what the problem may be?

    Thanks in advance for your help

  2. saywat?

    saywat? Well-Known Member

    ur phone is rooted or/and has s off u wont be able to install system updates. ur gonna have to reinstall the os so its like stock then apply the update
  3. juggalotech

    juggalotech Member

    MAKE SURE UR FONE IS OFF ..... hold vol. down and powerbutton at the same tyme u will b in hboot mood. hit factory reset . if that doesnt work then u may have bricked ur fone . just go bring back n tell them u did there update n ur fone got locked .. and next tyme ~DONT DO~ *ANY UPDATES* FROM TMOBILE - OR GOOGLE*;) GOTO Sensation General - xda-developers .. THIS IS ALL FOR HTC SENSATION ... READ AND READ IT AGAIN AND LEARN PLEASE .. ME NOR ANYONE FROM XDA R RESPONSIBLE FOR BRICKING ANY ONES PHONEZ...
  4. saywat?

    saywat? Well-Known Member

    ^he doesnt have problems restarting the phone. he has issues updating it which is usually becuase the phone is rooted

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